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Husband's (possible) Infidelity: why look for trouble?

Why look for trouble?

Most of my friends and colleagues are now married, and complain bitterly about the way their wives suspect them of having affairs outside and always go through their personal items looking for clues. They all claim they respect and love their wives, however some do have affairs outside but do it very discretely, for instance when they travel out of town for official assignments. None would flaunt these affairs in front of their wives, as doing so is a sign of disrespect.

Now most married women in Nigeria go through their husband’s personal stuff looking for clues of infidelity. Nigeria is not like obodo oyibo where a woman gains a lot if she divorces her husband, in naija she gets practically nothing, is thrown out of the house and another babe moves in. Our society is based on polygamy so nobody sees anything wrong in a man having more than one wife, however because of the financial hardship in the country most people cannot afford more than one.

I often ask my friends who have affairs outside why they do it, their response is usually “How man go chop egusi soup all the time..”, I.e variety is the spice of life. In view of the fact that our society is polygamous in nature and the laws don’t really favor divorced women that much, why look for trouble when you stand to loose the most, just love him as much as you can when he is back to his senses he would stop all that outside adventure. A Nigerian man would never abandon his marriage once there are children involved.

Abi what do you people think, lets be practical and logical about this.

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