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Should I Tell Her and How Would She Feel?

A little about myself before going into the detail.

I am a guy who like meeting people and show concern for whatever they might be passing through. This has gone a long way in my rtp with my colleague. And my boss(a woman) know that most of my subordinate are loyal to me reason she does not know . And I hope this is not what is putting me into this trouble I am now.

The Story. There was this friend of my boss a single mother of one (a daughter), she comes to our office frequently to visit her friend(my boss) because she is into biz. Even her daughter do come to our office once in a while during her break. So one day my bos got me introduced to this friend of hers and since then any time she is around she do stop at my desk to greet and I respond by asking after her family and everybody(Note, then I have not discover her that she is a single mother). Man before I know what is happening I have become her friend first, a friend to her daughter then the mother. The small daughter often give me a call from their house and refers to me has uncle , Any time she travel she will surely come back with something for me. I got to know her status May(5) last year when her daughter inviter me for her birthday, and my problem started from then. I went to the birthday with my girl from there she got to know her. She had a nice time with my guy and they exchange their phnoe no. All this while I do not know her mobile no and neiher did I give her little daughter mine. She only talks to me using office line. As am writing this she has became a good friend of my girl who does not stay here in Lagos(she is at Ilorin only comes around once in a while).

Sometimes in July she invite me for a launch on account that her daughter wanted to see me which I did. It was during this launch time I got to know her because it was like she is looking for somebody to pour her heart to. In my own little way I give the advice I could and encourage her to get marry again.

Beginning of the trouble. During their long vac. Her daughter comes to my office on average of twice in a week. That same period she (daughter) got to know my house because she keep on telling me she wanted to come to my house. On the weekend she was going back to school, she was at my place on sat and she wish I should see her to school on Sunday and I grant the wish.

The Bomb Shell. [/b]After dropping her at school I have to drop the mother in her house(festac) before proceeding to mine. On getting their, she ask me that there is something for me. She gave it to me but to my supprise I was lost with words when she said she want to make a request and the request turn out to be:she want me to give her a baby. Initially I thought it was a joke but when I saw the seriousness in her I politely turn down the offer but my biggest surprise came when I saw her with tear on her knee pleading that I should just think of it. Since then I have been avoiding her which also cause me to be avoiding the little girl who is now looking miserable.

[b]The problem This year my boss first notice that am avoiding her friend’s daughter and her friend. She come me and I deny avoiding them but the friend still keep on pestering me on the issue. Recently I come to observe that is like my boss is aware of what the matter is but did not ask me and her friend keep on trying which is becoming irritating and disturbing. At this juncture I let u know that my boss is indifference to the issue if I could go ahead and make her friend happy who does not want an husband but want a baby boy preferably from me.

Area of advices: Shd I tell my girl because she n this woman still talk from time to time? How would she fill if I tell her because we are planning to get marry soon and I do not want to haunt her? Then how should I tell her because I did not know wht her rxtn will be? the guy should i give her a baby to clear the whole mess?

3. How should I make myself clear to this woman that is not going to affect my rtp with my boss and consequently my job?

4. The little girl want my friendship which I have been denying her because of her mum action. Should I tell her why am avoiding her because she knows that and if I do how would she fell?. Again I do not like the way because the thing keep on haunting her?

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