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Etim Esin & Daniel Amokachi: Who Is More Wasteful?

With due respect to both former Nigerian players.

Oron born Etim Esin is Nigeria's most popular player in 1987 through to 1990. He was then called Nigeria Maradona. Very skillful. A player, Late Chris Udemuze will never want to remember because of his indiscipline. A member of that promising Flying who represented Nigeria in Chile alongside thompson Oliha, Nosa Osadolor, John ene Okon but to mention a few.

He took his playing career to Belgium , where he shined like a million star. He was probably the first Nigerian player to do a billboard advert in Europe( I hope i am correct). he was Rich. Tragedy struck , he was accused of molest, then court proceeding, then he ran to Nigeria.

By all standard, he should be comfortable for life BUT,

Its a pity.

Dan "the bull" Amokachi is another Super eagle. A very discipline player until Abacha regime, when he became a very good friend of Chief Jim Nwobodo(the-then Sports Minister). He was in Belgium, England and Turkey. He was flambouyant, he married a model. Despite not being the richest Nigeria footballers, he went to buy a private jet for private use. After a couple of years, landing fees alone had eaten deep into his pocket, he was compelled to sell his Jet.What a Waste !

He now lives in Nigeria and work with NFA. Is it as a face saven job? I don't know.

Who is most wasteful among the two?

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