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Who is Wrestling Corruption in Nigeria?

Nigerians tell me what <snip> Ribadu and EFCC stand for? 

We seem to have very shallow memory of the past.  Have we forgotten Powerful Mustafa, Alhaji Alhaji, Tafa Balogun for 2003 Elections, and a lot of others used and dumped?

I am just sick with this selective fight against corruption.  Its the case of fearing the Owl in the day time and backing it at night on a frolick.

How many Governors and Ministers are not manifestly corrupt?  How much money is controlled by the Federal Government year in year?  Despite the stupendous wealth of Nigeria, what is the state of the Roads, Power/Energy, Education and health sector, Transport, employment, Housing, Food etc.  Where has the money budgeted for these sectors gone to? Dont tell me Alasco the Magic boy/bail jumper stole all that too.

I will have respect and confidence in EFCC if it is reported that it has through their usual unconstitutionally and inhuman  approach arrested the following people:

1. 36 Governors of the states

2. All the Policemen in Nigeria.

3. All the past military rulers and those who held political offices since after military take over

4. All the Customs and Immigration officers and men

5. All the Wive[s] of the President and Governors and their Deputies.

The list is endless, as all this fire brigade tension will soon pass.

I beg put me down, because I am not wearing pant.

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