A man sues Samsung over a smartphone exploded in his pocket

What are the reasons of frequent Samsung smartphone explosions in 2016? What sum does the victim of the latest explosion in Florida require? Read the article to learn all the details about the latest incident.

Samsung smartphone 2016

Samsung smartphone 2016 – new explosion

The resident of the USA Johnathan Strobel filed a lawsuit against Samsung Smartphones after the Galaxy Note smartphone 7 exploded in a pocket of his trousers. Owing to ignition, he got serious burns. Strobel expects to receive compensation for damage. The reason of smartphone explosion is still unknown. Incident occurred still on September 9, however, the resident of Florida just now found time and forces for submission of the statement of claim about compensating for infliction of harm to health. According to media, it is about the first claim against Samsung Smartphone in connection with ignitions of the Galaxy Note 7 in the USA. The South Korean vendor recalls all the flagman smartphones because of the risk of the ignition caused by the defect in accumulators. This is not the first smartphone battery explosion.

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This week Commission on the safety of consumer goods of the USA (US Consumer Product Safety Commission, CPSC) declared the beginning of a full-scale campaign for the recall of the defective smartphones of Samsung. In the USA, the company received 92 messages on explosions of accumulators of smartphones, including 26 messages on burns and 55 messages on plotting of damage of property. The head of Samsung Electronics America, Tim Baxter, publicly apologized to users of production of the company, having paid special attention to the victims of rejected devices. According to data from September 15, in the USA, 13% from the amount of one million scheduled Samsung Galaxy Note7 were replaced. Samsung marked that sales of Galaxy Note 7 will renew on September 28 this year, at first on the territory of South Korea, and then and in the remaining countries of the world.

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