Between Nokia E51 & Nokia 5320 XpressMusic, which phone should I buy?

please people am kind of undecided on the choice of phone to buy between nokia e51 which has more features and kind of expensive and nokia 5320 which has similar specs but lacks wifi and is cheaper. though i can afford both of them, i need to base my choice on reasons and experience from owners of these phones.

i need your various opinions please. drop em like its hot


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When it comes to making a choice non of the contributors can choose for you.

You know that 5320 is multimedia phone and E51has the upper hand with additional features.


But E51 comes in 2 different forms.

One does not come with a camera while there is another E51 with Camera and 5320 comes with camera with entertainment apps which E51 is not lacking.

I always say this whenever i reply posts on forums; what you do and what you need your phone for will determine which product, model or design to buy.

If you know that:

You won't be hurting after you buy 5320 because of the absence of WiFi and business solution apps when you need both.

You won't be hurting after you buy E51 with or without camera because the audio quality of E51 is not up to that of 5320.

The choice is yours.


Let me see wat phone suits . .

R u 100% interested in d Wifi feature?

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