How 4g works

Do modern technologies affect people’s lives? What is 4g? How does it work? You’ll find all the secrets of the networks here.

Many of us have heard about 4G, or as the operators call it ‘the fourth-generation of communication standard’. In the middle of 2012, the ultramodern technology of mobile Internet became a reality. And today we can easily test it ourselves. So how the 4g works?

What is 4G?

4g wins

Modern technology, in particular development of the Internet and wireless communication, changed ‘the face’ of the world. The population enjoys not only free access to all kinds of information, but also unique opportunities for socializing and leisure activities. At the same time the quality of internet connection and data transfer speed are very important. And nowadays, the development of these technologies has reached unprecedented height. Despite the widespread introduction of a new generation of communication, still very few people know what 4G means.

4G word in English means the fourth generation. This is a promising generation of wireless communications, which has a high data rate and high quality of voice communication. This generation includes the promising technologies that provide the data rate over the wireless network at 10 Mbit/s  (at least) for moving users. So that what 4G means? It is the fourth generation of mobile communications, which has plenty of advantages.

According to the results of researches and numerous assessments of various 4G broadband technologies, which is known as IMT-Advenced, only two technologies was awarded the official title of IMT-Advenced. These were promising technology LTE-Advenced and WirelessMAN-Advenced. These two technologies has 4G standard - the fourth generation of wireless communication.

How 4g technology works

4g network

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4G communication systems are based on packet data transmission protocols. To transfer data in the technology it uses IPv4, but in future it is planned to have the ability to support the IPv6 protocol.

Modern 4G technology is extremely important in the provision of broadband Internet access in the rural areas. As it’s more convenient to settle a 4G station than to lay a fiber optic connection. One station is able to provide high-speed connectivity, which reaches tens of kilometers.

What do you get with 4G

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If you're thinking about buying a new smartphone or a computer, you have probably seen the commercials ‘4G-compatible devices’. Well, ‘4G’ is a marketing term that implies the fourth generation of mobile wireless cellular communication. While 1G refers to the first batch of widely available mobile phones, 2G switches to digital systems, bringing with it the introduction of text messaging, and then 3G technology offers significant improvements and all the web pages can be easily viewed. And now 4G. It’s created to meet the requirements for speed, which is necessary for development of the existing 3G-applications, such as text messages, video calls and mobile TV. In general, all the improvements for smartphones that you can imagine, such as the ability to have HDTV, need more advanced technology and higher speed. 4G is the solution to this problem.


What is 4g and 4g+? This is the fourth generation of mobile technologies with enhanced requirements. It is considered that the characteristics of 4g is only the technology which allows to transmit information at speeds of at least 100 Mbit per second. Over most people pursue solely with the novelties of the mobile industry is not particularly delving into the characteristics and in the fact that the telephone company has to offer. As the needs of people in the gadgets and their functionality has dramatically increased the complexity and adaptability of the phones shall be maintained at the proper level. Messages, online chat, camera, high-speed Internet made the phone, not only a more advanced application, but also reduced the importance of conventional telephone that is talking on the phone on the lowest level. It's not bad, but it changed the priority of the phone as soon as conversational technologies.

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As far as I understand, 4G - this is a very high speed internet access, which quickly process and deliver information. I was convinced by example, how different from themselves 3G and 4G. That's what concerns 3G - in our country it is widespread, in contrast to the 4G, but it is less speed and mobility, especially in our modern world. I believe that 4G - this is not the latest innovation that was introduced in our world, will soon be even stronger and more powerful lines, and while I enjoy this opportunity and what I advise everyone else.

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From a technological point of view, the 1G and 2G legacy network stupid, while the 4G network in some sense are intelligent machines. For example, they are better equipped to work in an unpredictable congestion arising from various global events, such as traffic jams. When thousands of people suddenly get stuck on the highway, they begin to use their phones, which causes a sharp jump in the number of queries to the information services in the area.

In this kind of situation, 3G systems begin to slow down and produce errors, thereby disappointing users. However, more advanced, self-learning and automatically configured 4G system can quickly balance the load and provide faster access to services for more people. Power outages and damage to equipment also incapacitate 3G system. But thanks to modern sensors and software 4G system is able to regenerate itself, enabling it to use other towers to pass traffic until the renovations are complete.

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