How to borrow airtime from Glo in Nigeria

If you wish to have more communication in your life, find out how to borrow airtime from Glo and get the unlimited amount of it and freedom.

Globacom or simply Glo is considered to be one of the most popular telecommunication companies and providers in Nigeria. More and more people subscribe to them and take all the advantages of the service they offer.

How to borrow airtime from Glo

Glo proposes many facilities for both business and personal usage. They have:

  • voicemail/SMS/calls,

  • perfect Internet connection,

  • roaming,

  • special packages, depending on your necessities.

One of the greatest benefits of this provider is support of the majority of devices, including Samsung, Blackberry, Nokia, and many others.

Extra time

 airtime from GloSometimes people have limited opportunities to call or use the Internet. There are cases when you need, for instance, extra time. In such situations, we always want to know how to borrow Glo airtime.

The presented company takes care of the customers and gives them a possibility to get a loan. It is usually available for a prepaid type of plans. All the users of them can resort to this helpful function.

Borrow Me Credit service

As we have mentioned, it was created for prepaid accounts. In the cases when a person cannot go and buy a recharge card, it will be very useful. Thus, you should just send a corresponding request and extra airtime will be immediately given to you.

You’ll need to do the following things to get a credit:

  • to know short code *321# (it is predefined),

  • to know a specific code (corresponding to the denomination).

The form of the request looks the following way: *321*50# (where 50 is a denomination you are interested in). There exist such kinds as:

  • 50N,How to borrow airtime in Nigeria

  • 100N,

  • 200N,

  • 500N,

  • 1000N.

So, just put in the one you choose after the predefined code. After this, you’ll be able to use any services (calls, SMS, the Internet) like in normal airtime.


If you decide to ask for a loan, you should remember that Globacom charges extra money. It will cost you 5% of the total amount you have borrowed. The loaned time will be taken from your account later (after you recharge).

However, it is not that much, especially when you need it at once.

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Borrow Me Credit possesses the following advantages:

  •  airtime from Glo in Nigeria 1very fast access to additional connection or calls,

  • the simplicity of usage (the only necessary thing is to remember the codes),

  • relatively low price (just 5% of charges),

  • availability (you can apply this function 24 hours a day 7 days a week).

Throughout the whole life, we face different problems. There are such situations when we immediately need to call someone or search something on the Internet. But we do not have an opportunity to buy a recharge card. In those cases, the possibility of credit borrowing may be quite useful.

Glo offers a unique service to their customers. You can not only get additional access but also do it very quickly and from any place round the clock. You have to keep in mind definite numbers. The code to borrow airtime from Glo is very easy to remember. So do it and enjoy the communication with your friends and relatives!

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Buying airtime online is now easy. You can visit www.vtpass.com to buy airtime and data plan in 3 easy steps.

Vtpass offers airtime and data bundles/subscription for MTN, Glo, Airtel and Etisalat.

DSTV, GOTV, startimes and subscription for other services are also available.

Answered 1 year ago.

Airtime on Glo is very comfortable. Known company through which you can get more time to the Internet, calls and SMS. Very convenient and short inquiry form. You must dial a simple combination of money in the account and appear instantly. Service fee of 5% is not so much vzhey. Sometimes we need money late at night and has to fill up where no one pay attention to the Commission. Also convenient that the commission and the loan amount is deducted from the main account after updating. Well how far people travel to buy a card recharge.

Answered 2 years ago.
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