How to check Etisalat data balance

Get more communication and smarter services by checking your data balance on Etisalat. Find out how to do it now.

Etisalat is a popular telecommunication provider, which is well-known across all the African countries and especially in Nigeria.

How to check Etisalat data balance

This company proposes to the users the following services:

  • calls, SMS,
  • perfectly fast Internet connection,
  • roaming (including special offers for travelling),
  • various plans (suitable for calls or the Internet).

Compared to the many others, Etisalat possesses several advantages, which include:

  •  Etisalat data balancethe possibility to keep your mobile number after changing the provider (you’ll never lose your friends’ numbers and still be available for them, no need to inform everyone about the new one),
  • support of the majority of devices (Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, and more),
  • low prices and convenient tariffs,
  • good customer support.

The most often problems

The customers of this company often face the particular kind of questions. They are mostly connected with checking Etisalat data balance. As we have already mentioned, they propose an impressive supports for the subscribers, so there are plenty of ways to find this information out. They contain the following:

  • How to check Etisalat balanceonline support,
  • special application,
  • SMS,
  • USSD code.

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Online support usually consists of several ways to contact with an agent. You can talk to the specialist via web chat (you will have to fill in the form with your phone number, name, and email). It is also possible to leave a message on Facebook, Twitter, or email. It may demand a little more time though.

Mobile app, called Easymobile, may help you controlling your account and financial statement twenty-four hours a day. You can download it from Google Play.

SMS code is supposed to be the simplest way to get the information even if there is no Internet connection. Just send the letters “Bal” without quotes to the 228. The service will respond you in a couple of minutes and you’ll see your balance.

USSD code is faster than SMS, because you get your answer at once. The only thing you should do is dialing *228#. The data on your balance will be shown on the display. In this case, you neither need the Internet.

 Etisalat data balance 1You can drop in one of the provider centers as well and get all the necessary data there.

Thus, you just have to choose the most appropriate way of getting information on your account. Etisalat Company offers lots of various ways to receive it, because they take care of their users. Codes are more comfortable to use because all you need is your phone. Just try to keep them in mind and you’ll be able to control your finances.

The provider gives you an opportunity to take advantages of all the functions a modern person needs. Enjoy the communication with your friend and be always aware of your Etisalat data plan. Select the most comfortable method of checking and control your financial statement around the clock. Wherever you are, this company allows you to have access to your account and know about the latest changes of your package.

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