How to clean your iPhone?

How to clean your new iPhone and do not damage it? Read this article to find out!

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According to the messages 2016, Apple Company has become the priciest brand for 2016. It`s no wondering, after releasing a new iPhone, the world has got a new toy. It still seems a little bit overpriced for some people, but having an iPhone is not the question of price. It the question of status for some people. For example, some Chinese companies banned buying of iPhone by their staff. Nevertheless, it`s a clear problem for China as there are people who are willing to sell parts of themselves for having one of the iPhone toys. Nevertheless, if you have one of the Apple devices, you clearly need to know how to clean it.

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Every iPod and iPhone Touch screens are made of oleophobic coating. It repels oil. If you desire that they will work properly and for a long time, then you would need to use them carefully. You would need to learn how to avoid problems during cleaning connected with long-term damages of iPod screens. First of all, you would need to unplug your iPhone device and shut it down. If you try to clean your Apple device while it still turned on, then you risk damaging your new toy permanently. If it happens, then you would need to read your manual on the part where troubles with turning on the device come out.

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You would need to wipe off all fingerprints from your device with a microfiber cloth. Your device may come to you with a microfiber cloth, which is quite useful regarding clearing out the device. It will not scratch the surface of the device. You would need to gently wipe the screen from the top to bottom.

Cleaning your iPhone

Cleaning your iPhone

You would need to use circular rubbing motions to remove unnecessary dust on the device. Be careful. Do not presto hard on the screen as you may remove some of the oleophobic coatings which can damage the iPhone.

If you have some substances on the telephone, which you can`t remove by simple wiping, then you would need to add some water to the microfiber cloth. Do not overdo. Few drops of clean water would be more than enough. Do not soak the cloth in the water as too much water may harm the screen of the device. It can also be true for the last model iPhone 7.  Do not try to moisture sit on the screen. You would need to clean it out immediately. You shouldn`t have moisture ports of the device as any liquid substance in there may permanently damage your iPhone.

No damage tactics

No damage tactics

No households’ cleaners can help you with cleaning your iPhone. Window cleaners, antibacterial cleaners, chemical cleaners have the capability to remove protecting coating on the iPhone screen. Therefore, they may shorten the life of your device. The only way to be 100% sure that your device will not be damaged is cleaning it with a microfiber cloth and use only clean water.

Some cleaners might be good for LCD screens, but they can be very harmful to iPhone screen.

Vinegar or lemon juice are also harmful to cleaning an iPhone screen.

No soaking

No soaking

Even so, the latest iPhone has come to the buyers with water resistance protection; you would still shouldn`t soak your iPhone. You should use only small amounts of water to clean the mobile phone. You should always use a microfiber cloth for cleaning the device. The latest model of the iPhone can surely be held under the water for 30 minutes, but previous models will not stay a chance against this liquid.

If you have used too much liquid, then you would need to find a piece of advice in your device manual.

device manual

You would need to clean spills and stains immediately. If you spill some kind of liquid substance on your iPhone, then you would need to remove it right away. Any kind of sticky substance, like coffee or juice, may become a pain in the neck when it`s dried out.

Lint-free cloth only. If you use your napkin or towel to remove something from the screen, then try to think about the damage they can cost to your device. If you lost your microfiber cloth, you can always go to the nearest computer store and buy a new one. You can also buy this cloth in the store for eyeglasses or buy it on the internet. It would be less costly than buying a new iPhone.

Get some professional cleaning. If you are not sure that you can clean your device without damaging it. You may check the warranty bill to understand whether your device needs cleaning or repairing for free or for some cash.

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