How to hack WI-FI 2016

Need free and speedy Internet connection? Find out how you can get it through hacking Wi Fi.

Do you want to keep connected all the time, but are not ready to spend lots of money? Try to use Wi-Fi wherever it's available for free! Do you still think it is impossible? Try one of our tips then, and find out how to hack Wi-Fi 2016 here and now.

How to hack WI-FI

Encryption algorithm

 hack WI-FIBefore you know, how to hack Wi Fi 2016, there are several essential things, which you need to understand about it. First of all, it's necessary to find out, how this type of connection might be encrypted. Only after this, it will become possible to use any of WIFI hacking methods. In the secured connections, all the data is sent in forms of packets, encrypted by means of special security keys. In order to have access, you need to hold the key. Any wireless network might be secured in following ways:

WEP. It is short for wired equivalent privacy. It is considered basic form of encryption. It is applied not very often, because it is quite vulnerable and prone to easy cracks. However, there are people, who still use such type.

How to hack WI-FI 2016WPA. It stands for WiFi protected access. It is wonderful alternative for the first method, which is much more effective. To get access to such network, a Wi Fi hacker must apply the old method of trials and errors, using the list of common passwords. Besides, there exist several variations of WPA. For instance, you have probably heard about WPA2, which is thought to be the most secure kind. Nevertheless, even such type of Wi-Fi might be hacked.

As the two types are different, it might be necessary to use various methods.

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WEP cracking

For doing such a thing, you'll require the following items and software:

  • Wireless adapter. It is the main thing and it must be compatible with special software in order to go into the monitor mode, which's required for packets capturing.
  • How to hack WI-FI passwordCommView. It is a software. By means of it, you'll manage to capture packets of data from network adapter. You can download this programme from the Internet.
  • Aircrack-ng GUI. It's WiFi cracker, which is applied after CommView. When the packets have already been captured, it will allow to perform the actual cracking. It may be found on the Internet as well.
  • The last thing you may require is patience.
  • How it works? Follow the steps to hack WiFi:
  • Download and install ComView. Then, push it on your device.
  • Choose the aimed network (with WEP only) with the best signal. It should also have very low decibel value.
  • Click on Capture and initiate data capturing.
  • How to hack WI-FI androidClick on the selected connection and copy MAC address.
  • Open Rules tab on top.
  • Select MAC Addresses category.
  • Enable MAC Addresses rules.
  • Choose Capture for Action and Both for Add record.
  • Paste MAC Address into the box below.
  • Enable D on the bar, which is at the top of the window, disable M (Management packets) as well as C (Control packets).
  • Enable auto saving to be capable of cracking it next time.
  • Wait to capture enough packets (about 100,000).
  • Export them.
  • Push Aircrack-ng GUI.
  • Launch the file with exported packets.
  • In command prompt, type the index number of the aimed wireless network.
  • Then the key must be shown.

If it doesn't work, you must try the same steps with larger amount of packets.

WPA cracking

It might appear to be more difficult, but it is still possible. The most effective method is Reaver program. To use it, you will need:

  • How to hack WI-FI 2Reaver password hacker. It can easily crack any routes’ passwords. Besides, its interface is intuitive. That’s why every user can take benefits of it. First, you will require the following things:
  • BackTrack Live DVD. It is not obligatory, but it will make whole process easier. Download it and then burn to DVD. It's possible to apply VMware, if you're capable of.
  • Device with DVD driver and Wi-Fi. The previously mentioned software will work on almost every laptop. However, it is better to make sure yours corresponds to the requirements.
  • Wi-Fi network. It is obviously necessary. Remember that it should be WPA secured one. WPS feature must be enabled as well.
  • And the last thing you need again is patience. Follow the steps to successfully perform your cracking:
  • How to hack WI-FI freeBoot into BackTrack. To do it you must boot the machine from disc.
  • After this, select BackTrack Text – Default Boot Text Mode during the process.
  • When you see a command line prompt, type startx.
  • Press Enter.
  • Install Reaver free WiFi hacker (if necessary). In the latest versions, it is pre-installed.
  • Find out all necessary information on your device, including wireless card interface name and BSSID of the router you are going to crack. The latest is unique series of letters and numbers that can identify a router. To know about the card, type iwconfig and press Enter. To know BSSID, type airodump-ng wlan0.
  • You'll see list of all available networks. Select the one you need, then press Ctrl+C.
  •  hack WI-FI passwordThen start cracking. Replace bssid and interface with BSSID and monitor interface you have copied.
  • Press Enter and wait while Reaver is trying a set of PINs. It may sometimes take a few hours.
  • Get the password from WI-FI hacker.

It is not very fast, but very effective way. However, make sure that a signal is strong enough. Otherwise, you may fail. It is vital to know that you can stop the process at any stage (with Ctrl C command). Your progress will be saved anyway. The only thing's not to shut your computer down.

How to hack WI-FI 3Do not forget that plenty of users have security scanner, which is able to protect their networks. Nevertheless, modern software can deal with this problem.

If you're ready to spend your time and to be patient, you will finally get good and free Wi-Fi connection. Even if it seems too hard, you just need to try and to follow the steps really carefully. Take all advantages of the Internet in any possible place without actually paying for it. The only thing, you must do, is to determine the type of encryption of purposed connection. Then, do everything according to the given instructions. Thus, you can save your money and to get access to any websites. However, be careful, do not download virus on your PC or other device.

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Nowadays wireless networks are widely spread. Many online providers offer the option of purchasing Wi-Fi router for ridiculous money. For them and for the user this solution is much cheaper and more convenient than pulling wires all over the apartment, especially since more and more devices support wifi and wire less Internet. Thus Wi-Fi Internet access is available in most modern apartments, every decent cafe and restaurant. In addition in developed countries can stumble on the operating point of the road workers or producers. Thus to access the Internet almost anywhere in the city. If the network is secure and protected well, it is necessary to use a special program for hacking Wi-Fi. Naturally, such a programme should in any case be stored on your laptop, phone or tablet. At the moment there are a lot of great programs are able to cope with the most common encryption methods.

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