How To Hide Number in Nigeria

Tired of weird people calling you all the time? Learn how to hide your number and share it only with the people you really like. Get teh smart steps of how to do it.

How often do you change phone numbers? Agree that having one constant is very convenient. It can be tied to the bankcard. Or you may give it to everybody, at interviews, for example. And always be in touch, assured that you will be reached when necessary. However, there exists an advantage of frequent change of numbers – you can easily get rid of the SIM card, if you are obsessed by calls of unpleasant personality. 
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We will try to understand how to hide number or why it can be useful, and to give some practical advices.

Why you may want to hide your number

Many wonder why hiding the number may be necessary. Indeed, one thing is an option like "black list", and quite another is a hidden number. Objectively, the reason may be only one – you don’t want to be called back on the number from which you are calling. The reasons for this may be of personal character or whatever. In any case, any cause to go into details would be tactless. If you need this service, let’s find out several ways of obtaining it.

Methods of hiding the number

There may be several ways how to hide number.

  1.  Hide Number in NigeriaThe easiest one is to consider the proposed option by your mobile operator. Various operators offer to activate the service at a single or a regular basis. For example, for a month or for a week. This subscription can always be extended if necessary. Please note that service fee will be charged differently depending on the duration of subscription and fees of a particular operator.
  2. The second method involves a lock on the phone or tablet, from which you make a call. Few people know that the Android operational system includes a function in the list of major ones. This means that you can use it without any problems, simply by switching on the appropriate option. So you will need to follow these:
  3. First, go to the Settings menu. Typically, the icon with the gears is used to refer it. 
  4. Then go to the dial menu (schematic shown as the phone). You can see such a sub-menu named "Advanced Settings" in the list. Perhaps it will be named as "Other" or simply "Advanced". 
  5. Once you click on this button, the system will need some time to organize the data. Do not interfere in the process and not rush it by touching the sensor – it can only infringe the adjustment. Be patient, the process is unlikely to take more than a couple minutes. 

     Nigeria Hide Number
  6. Once you get into this menu, you will see many sub-items. Among these, select “Number identifier” – this is the option we need. 
  7. Here you will see three functions: the number can be either shown, hidden or be trusted to the default settings. 

    Select "Hide the number" so that will make your phone number invisible to the subscriber. 
  8. After completion, be patient enough to wait again. The same process of parameters update will take some minor time.

     Do not interfere it and again, do not touch the sensor. Let the system update correctly, unless you want to get side effects. 
  9. Once the process is completed automatically, you'll get the opportunity to make calls and send messages from your number, without having the risk being identified.

How the function works

How To Hide NumberWhen you dial any subscriber, he sees a message on the screen that he is reached by an unknown caller. If you call a person, which is unavailable at the time of the call, when his or her phone will be turned on, (s)he will receive a message. The text will include the information about the fact of the call, but your number will not be stated. Most likely, it will be hidden behind the three letters “XXX”.

Similarly, SMS message that you send will look like this. Your number will be hidden also.

HIDING YOUR NUMBER However, remember that be contacting the provider service center for details of calls and messages, the recipient will be able to find out your phone number. Thus, the number’s hiding occurs only visually. In the call history of mentioned Center the available information about your number is preserved. This is executed in order to minimize the risk of telephone crimes: for example, calls with threats or blackmail.

Mobile operators warns that, if there is a suspicion of using the number’s hiding service for misconducted actions, violating applicable laws, all information may be passed to authorities at their request. Be careful and do not abuse this service in order not to get punished for that.

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Hundreds of people use the service of hiding own phone numbers every day. Most likely, there may be such a man among your friends. There also may be the cases when someone in your company uses this option and such anonymity is, on the contrary, becomes his identifier. It sounds ridiculous, but this is the fact. Sometimes, though, it is more reasonable to use a single-time SIM card rather to make your number a secret. Some people perceive these hidden calls as a threat, and simply refuse to answer.

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