How to prolong iphone battery life?

What do you know about prolonging iPhone battery life? You can try to use some tips from this article to prolong your battery life.

iPhone it`s one of the most popular smartphones

iPhone it`s one of the most popular smartphones in the world. People wait for new versions of this mobile phone for many years. And there is no Apple device presentation that can be missed by social media. Having the iPhone in your pocket also means some status in the society. It means that you can allow yourself to have it. Nevertheless, some people may just make fun of iPhone holders as they pay too much for owning iPhone. One of the main problems is iPhone battery life. The question for many users of iPhone is how to prolong iPhone Battery Life? What are the simplest methods to do so?

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Developers of iPhone tried to increase the life of their lithium batteries. It can`t be said that they have great success in prolonging the battery life. Therefore, few simple rules connected to the idea of how to prolong the battery life may change everything. One of the first steps to make is to assess your battery specifications from the manual and its ability to hold the charge in real life. You would need to be armored with the knowledge for your battery life. The battery of the iPhone can hold for ten hours of video, forty hours of audio time, ten hours of WI-FI using. With this knowledge, you may monitor your actual battery lifespan. Regular statistics of your battery charge may help you to adapt to different situations connected to the battery. If you simply know your iPhone battery habits, then you might get the maximum usage of your battery.

Developers of iPhone

You may need to regulate the battery life, try to touch Settings and tap General and then Usage. You may try to look under the time since the last full charge. Usage includes the last time when the iPhone was fully charged. This time usually includes browsing the internet, calls, sending or receiving messages, listen to music and watching videos. It also provides information about background checking of your device by the system. The Standby category includes statistics of your iPhone has been powered since the last time.

Phone has been powered since the last time

These all characteristics provide you some proper information to use maximum charge capabilities of your iPhone. You would need to keep your iPhone out of the direct or indirect heat. iPhones work at the best temperature like 22C. You shouldn`t leave your iPhone exposed to the Sun, on the hot vehicle even on the console. You will short your iPhone battery lifetime if you charge it while in a carrying case. It will give you addition heat up and battery problems.

Try to perform frequent updates of the system. You might do this with your laptop all the time and iPhone is no different to this method. It`s also needed to use your mobile phone on a regular basis, so you would need to use it. The prolonged staying with no use can reduce IPhone`s battery life. You should receive a full charge at least once in the month. You would also need to get rid of background programs that eat your mobile phone energy life. Try to keep your battery charged at the full capacity and keep tracking the battery life in time. Avoid unnecessary tasks that use your iPhone battery life.

eat your mobile phone energy life

Try to avoid Location Services. This application always includes maps, navigation, and location. Try to log off and turn off these services when you don`t use them. Try to go to settings, then general and location services.

No pushing notifications. Try to limit at least the number of pushing notifications and emails on the mobile phone. The programs like the Apple Push Notifications should be disabled when they are not necessary for you to use, as they eat the battery life. If you desire to do that, then go to Settings, then Notifications and turn the notifications off. If you desire to turn off push notifications, like Mobile Me, Yahoo or Microsoft Exchange, try to go to the Mail, then Contacts and Calendars. Try to push Fetch New Data and Push, and the last thing is Off.

Do not use Auto-Check for multiple email accounts. Try to limit the number of email accounts that are automatically tracked for changes in electronic mail. If you desire to turn off multiple email accounts, then try to go to the Settings, then Mail. After that, you should go to the contacts and calendars. Try to choose the exact email account to remove; you may also delete your account.

Iphone battery

Lock up option is another way to prolong your battery life. Try to lock your iPhone when you don`t use it. You will be able to receive messages and calls, but can`t work the whole set of functions for the iPhone. Nevertheless, it can help you to prolong your battery life.

Adjust brightness. One of the main consumers for iPhone battery life charge is the brightness of your iPhone. You would need to go to Settings and then go to Under Setting. Try to drag the slider to dim the level of the brightness on your iPhone. You may also use Auto-Brightness function, which allows automatic screen brightness to be adjusted basically on lightening condition. Just try to go to the Auto-Brightness, it may be done through settings where you can turn on this function.

 turn on this function

Try to fetch the data selectively. Some specific programs and emails may catch the data selectively and grab the intervals. This process can significantly drain the life of your iPhone battery charge. Try to use the Home Screen, then go to the settings, then mail continue to contacts and calendars, select the new Data and then select manually. If you do not desire to turn the fetching option completely, then you might need to get to the Calendar, try to select Fetch New Data and then Hourly.

Wi-Fi limits. There is no need in using the Wi-Fi all times in a row. You wouldn’t need this function constantly, then try to limit it. Nevertheless, if you are a constant user of the internet and can`t live without it, then WI-Fi is a better option for you then cellular network. It would be more beneficial for your battery life. If you desire to turn off the Wi-Fi function, then go to settings and set the WiFi on off.

WiFi on off

No Bluetooth

If you don`t use some functions of your iPhone, you can get rid of it. Specifically, for the iPhone, it would be Settings, then General Settings go to Bluetooth pushing and turn off mode.

Airplane mode is not for airplanes only. If your iPhone somewhere in the forest with not many connections to the network, it may still look for connections. If it looks for connections, then it drains out the life of your battery. In this situation, try to set the airplane mode on.

for the iPhone

Limit You iPhone using

It`s almost impossible to do that in real life. Still, you can have more fun without using your iPhone. There are much more things to do in the life, instead of using just a mobile phone for fun. Moreover, it will save your iPhone Battery Life charge and your health.

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