How to recharge Etisalat in Nigeria

Internet connection is one of the essentials today. Find out how to recharge your Etisalat easy and quickly. All the options you can use in one place.

Etisalat is thought to be one of the most well-known telecommunication providers, which is popular among all the Nigerians.

how to recharge etisalat

They offer plenty of services to the subscribers, which include:

  • calls and messaging,
  • fast Internet connection,
  • special roaming offers (with different bonuses),
  • packages for various purposes.

Thus, everyone can find a suitable package and all the necessary functions.

Along with the usual services listed above, there're plenty of interesting and very helpful features for subscribers. They include loan borrowing, credit transfer, and many others. Besides, they possess many benefits, including:

  • keeping the number after changing the provider (no necessity to inform everyone about the new one, no lose of contacts),
  • financial functions (to be always connected), and more.

How to recharge Etisalat in Nigeria

The users very often face different questions connected with the recharging. So the company proposes several suitable ways for this purpose, which contains the following:

recharging etisalat by card

  1. Etisalat recharge code.
  2. Automated recharge.
  3. Easywallet.
  4. Credit.

So, the first method is very popular. It is appropriate if you have an opportunity to go and buy a special card with the code. To repay your account with the help of such method you need:

  • to purchase a card with 15-digit PIN,
  • to write the PIN in USSD format: *222*PIN# (for instance, *222*123456712365765#),
  • to dial the number.

As you may see, it is very easy. You can also recharge your friend’s account the same way. To do it:

  • purchase a card again,
  • write USSD in the following way: *222*PIN*Recipient's Number#,
  • dial it.

Your friend will get the money and will be notified about the transaction.

Automated method: a convenient service offered by provider. To recharge follow the steps:

how to recharge etisalat 2

  • log in online banking platform,
  • select bills payment/ebills pay, Etisalat,
  • choose a product and submit,
  • log in the platform again,
  • choose bills payment/NIBSS ebills, Etisalat,
  • select mandate form,
  • fill in your data,
  • enter the amount, the date, and the limits,
  • submit.

This feature supports the majority of the banks. It is also possible to cancel the recharging by visiting the nearest branch.

Easywallet: it is an app that can be used anywhere at any time. With the help of it you are able not only repay your account, but also:

how to recharge etisalat 3

  • send money to the other subscribers,
  • buy prepaid airtime for both yourself and your friends,
  • control your account,
  • check balance,
  • change PIN,
  • check transactions,
  • address to the Customer Support.

Credit: the loan might help you if you immediately need airtime but do not have a chance to buy a card. Everything you have to know is a short code – *665*. Then just type the amount, you want to receive and it will be given to you at once. The final code to dial may look like *665*150#. However, remember that the company demands 10% of charge for the service. The company created several methods to pay for the account. You nay easily choose the one you like best.

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If you know how to recharge Etisalat card and have an opportunity to purchase it – it is probably the easiest way (no Internet, banks, and so on). Thus, enjoy the communication with your friends round the clock.

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