How To Root Nokia XL - 5 easy steps for Nigerians

Rooting Nokia XL would let you have full access to its system and recover it, if it fails. Learn how to root in just 5 easy steps.

Mobile phones, along with a variety of computers, both stationary and portable, have become almost an extension of our hands. Wherever you look – you see smartphones, which store an unlimited amount of information. Photography, phone numbers, credit card data, social networks’ accounts, routes to home and work and much more is in the memory of devices. Of course, "pushing" all this information in telephone, you want to be the rightful owner of gadget. Root rights are used for this. Let us find out, how to root Nokia XL.

rooting Nokia XL

What is rooting

This term describes a user account for a smartphone based on Android. The owner of this account has unlimited rights. Please note that such access gives you the opportunity to interact with system folders to which ordinary users do not have access. 

what is rooting This means that you can delete intentionally or accidentally all the settings and system data. As a result, your phone will be just an electronic box, which literally does not do anything.

However, you may not worry: you can always restore the data as Android already has provided several options for such recovery.

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What is it useful for?

Having such unlimited rights you can do literally anything you want with the smartphone, including:

  • the ability to remove advertisements from applications, banners and sites,
  • make a return of data (backup) of both personal and system settings,
  • work with the installation and removal of tools provided by the system,
  • make the smartphone more quickly and efficiently,
  • stop the applications and programs that occupy memory,
  • get rid of unnecessary applications, which were "sewn" in phone in the preset mode and more.

How to get the rights

how to root phoneThat is interesting: you can disable the rights and remove traces of any use, if you, for example, want to give the phone for repairing in the warranty center.

Most of the ways, how to root Nokia XL are associated with the use of a custom menu. There are also applications that will allow you to bypass the menu.

They can be used immediately upon receipt of the phone in the hands out of the box. To get rights using the application, you need to download it first and then do the following step-by-step requirements:

  1. You need to connect your phone to a PC. It is important to remember that if this is the first connection, you may need the drivers. To do this, you shall first select the "Software Installation" and then press "Enter".
  2. Do not forget to turn on the developer mode on your smartphone.
  3. Click on the menu option “Obtaining the root rights”. Most likely, you again will be reminded of the need to enable the developer mode at this stage, as well as the installation of the drivers. If you've already made it, just skip a reminder. If not – it's time to go back and adjust the system. Otherwise, the consequences can differ from the desired result.
  4. Your phone or PC may require you to confirm the action during the boot process. This is usually limited to a request to press any or specific key to confirm the continuation of the process.
  5. After completing the boot process, you will get your rights with a high probability. Please note that when requesting access to these rights, you will always see a message on the screen of your smartphone. It will invite you to get the rights or to abandon them. If you haven’t received rights after the boot, than the process went wrong and you have to do the sequence again.

Removal of rights occurs using a similar scenario, but instead of "Installation" paragraph, you must select "Remove". The application also removes all traces of your activities as member assigned with root-rights.

Custom menu:

rooting Nokia XL

For using the rights without the application, you need a custom menu mentioned above. Install it and do the following steps (without a PC).

  • Place the rooting file in a phone memory from your PC after installation of the menu.
  • Hold the power and volume increase buttons when turning on.
  • Wait until the smartphone’s screen menu appears, and select "Install an archive from a memory card".
  • Next, select the file from the card of internal memory.
  • Select the file that was transferred to the card from a PC.
  • Confirm the desired selection.
  • Your phone on its own will make installation. Then it is necessary to reboot it.
  • After the turning on, you will obtain the necessary rights.

You may get root rights in several ways like using an application and with a PC, and so with the help of a custom menu. Choose the most convenient and easy way for you. Do not forget the possibility of rights removal, as well as traces of their use.

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