How to share data on MTN in Nigeria

MTN makes sharing data easy, if you only know how to do it. Get our step by step process and share away!

MTN is a telecommunication company that is very well-known among the Nigerians and all over African continent. It enables people to stay in touch and share data through the network. The facilities they propose to their customers include:

sharing data on MTN

  • voicemail, messaging, calls,
  • roaming,
  • mobile money,
  • Internet connection,
  • special business packages and so on.

Thus, this provider is a good choice for both personal and corporate communications. You can also register on their website and benefit from the services proposed on it. There are also opportunities to take advantages of such features as borrowing credits, sharing your information, transferring loans, and more.


sharing data on MTN 2

Quite often people need to distribute their data with friends, relatives, or just coworkers. To make this possible the company created a special function with the help of which any user may send their data plan to the other subscribers.

However, to apply the feature you will have to meet one important condition: to have a minimum monthly Plan of 250MB.

In other words, any subscriber who is below this amount is not considered eligible for such service.

Many of us keep asking the question “How to share MTN data”. It is very easy and won’t take much time.

The first thing you will need is to activate one of the available data plans (from 250 MB to 5 GB). Of course, they vary according to the price – the cheapest one will cost you 1300N while the most expensive will total 8000N. Every plan type might be activated with the help of special code:

  • 250 MB: *109#,
  • 500 MB: *110#,
  • 1 GB: *111#,
  • 3 GB: *129#,
  • 5 GB: *101#.

Then you’ll have to register for Share service. Send the letters “REG” to 131 without quotes to accomplish it, or just dial *131*2*1#. Next, you should receive a unique code (for security). You should change the predefined PIN to the new one using the USSD *131*2*5# or texting “Change DefaultPIN NewPIN NewPIN” to 131. The message may look like “Change 2222 1111 1111”.

sharing data on MTN 3The next step is to add beneficiaries (5 as maximum) to your shared Data Bundle account. Apply *131*2*2# or send Add to the number 131.

Thus, you can finally distribute the available data to the people you have selected by sending the word Share to 131 or simply dialing USSD *131*2*3#.

So, you see that almost everyone has a chance to merit from such feature if they fall in line with the plan. Choose the one that suits you best and you will be allowed to use Data Share.

In the cases when you need to share your data the provider is making effort to help you. The features they offer are completely free of charge and all you have to know is code.

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Thus, data sharing is thought to be a very helpful function in the modern world. Distribute your information to friends and relatives whenever you want. You can subscribe at any time! It does not matter where your beneficiaries are at the moment, only their network is important. Enjoy the positive communication round the clock with MTN!

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