How to transfer credit on Etisalat in Nigeria

Need to transfer credit to Etisalat? Find out how to do it and get step by step instruction.

Etisalat is considered one of the most well-known telecommunication providers, which is popular across all the African countries and especially in Nigeria.

credit on Etisalat in Nigeria

They offer plenty of services to the subscribers, including:

• calls and messaging,

• Internet connection,

• special roaming offers (with different bonuses),

• packages for various purposes.

transfer credit on Etisalat in Nigeria

Along with the usual services, there're plenty of interesting features for subscribers. They include loan borrowing, credit transfer, and many others. Besides, they possess lots of benefits, like keeping your number after changing the provider (no necessity to inform everyone about the new one, no lose of contacts).

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Borrowing issues

Sometimes everyone needs extra airtime to make an urgent call or surf something on the Internet. There are also such cases, when we need to talk to a person but he/she has run out of limits. However, Etisalat gives the users a chance to keep those whom they want connected.

First, you have to know how to borrow the credit itself. Compared to many other providers, the procedure is quite simple. You won’t need any PIN changes and so on. Everything you should know is a short code – *665*. After this, just type the amount, you want to receive and your loan will be given to you at once. The final code to dial may look like *665*150#. However, remember that the company demands 10% of charge for the service.

 Etisalat in Nigeria


To transfer Etisalat credit is also easy enough. There is only one condition to make use of this feature – both of you should be subscribers of this company. It does not take any charges. To fulfill the transaction successfully, you should know the following data:

• your security PIN code,

• the recipient's phone number,

• the short USSD code.

How to transfer credit

The form looks as follows: *223*TransferPIN*Desirable sum*PhoneNumber#. The final code should be like *223*1111*150*08090000000#.

If you forgot your PIN, it's not a problem. You can always call the Customer Care centre (dialing the number 200) and reset it. Remember that the predefined code is usually 0000. However, people sometimes change it, so try keeping it in mind in this case.

 transfer credit in Nigeria

The advantages of this function include:

• availability (every person can apply it regardless of the time he/she has been subscribed and the plan type),

• absence of charge (you don't have to pay extra fees for the service),

• the simplicity of usage (just remember the codes),

• the possibility to keep your friends on the line.

 Etisalat in Nigeria 2016

As you may see, Etisalat Company takes care of its customers and gives them good support. If you or some of your friends require extra airtime and have no chance to go and buy a recharge card straight away, the function of the loan transfer is what you need.

In the modern world, it is very essential to be always connected and be able to call. Thus, the provider helps you to keep in touch in any situation twenty-four hours a day. All you have to do is to memorize the Etisalat transfer code. Enjoy the communication without limits with this beneficial feature!


Money transfer is always very complicated and serious procedure, to which must be approached with caution and seriousness. This is a very useful article for people who do not know anything about how to transfer the money. Step by step instructions is very good for not experienced people. And all you need is to know that it is not fooled and everything went really well as it should, According to the rules, and that people got their money. I really enjoyed this article, since it can take a lot of useful information.

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