How to transfer credit on Glo in Nigeria

Need to make an urgent call? Learn how to transfer credit on Glo to use it at any time. This way you will not be limited in your communications.

Globacom or just Glo is a very popular telecommunication company, which proposes its services all over Africa. They offer:
transfer credit on Glo

  • calls and voicemail,
  • messaging,
  • Internet connection,
  • roaming calls,
  • packages for business or personal usage (depending on your necessities).

There are also plenty of functions the subscribers may take advantage of. They include loan borrowing, credit transfer and many others.

Borrowing question
How to transfer creditThere are cases when people immediately need to call someone but the user is not connected because he or she has run out of plan limits. In such situations, people usually do not have opportunities to go and buy a recharge card. That is why many of us keep asking the question about how to transfer credit on Glo Nigeria.

First thing, you have to know is how to borrow the loan itself. To get it, you’ll have to correspond to the following conditions:

  • to be on board with the company for 2 months,
  • to have a good usage history,
  • to be a prepaid user.

If you meet them, then you can receive your credit. Use the predefined number *321# to create a code. After this, choose the denomination (50, 100, 200, 500, 1000). The final code should look, for instance, like *321*PIN*50#.

The 5% charge will be taken from your account.


credit on Glo 1Now let’s have a look at the process of sending the loan to the other company subscriber. To do it you should activate the function ME2U by sending the word “Act” (without quotes) to 131.

You’ll receive a message containing instructions of changing your code (the procedure is obligatory to make certain your account is safe). Your new code should usually contain four or five numbers. The form of changing is as follows: Predefined PIN New Pin New PIN. For example, 1234 4444 4444. Text it to 777. Then you’ll be able to make a transaction.

To shift a loan you need the next data (in such order):
 Glo in Nigeria

  • recipient’s number (might be taken without the initial zero),
  • amount,
  • password.

The form should look like *131*08175545658*50*4444#.

If the transaction succeeds, you’ll get a message.

The program ME2U that Glo provider offers has several big advantages:

  • you can transfer up to 1000N,
  • you may use it at any time,
  • it is available to all the subscribers (regardless of the plan type),
  • such service is completely free.

The amount of the loan will be taken from your main account.

Now you see, this feature is very easy to apply and allowed to be used by anyone who needs it.
 Glo in Nigeria

In the situations when you or your friend cannot pay a recharge at once, the presented service might be quite helpful. It gives you a chance to keep those, who you want, connected. Besides, the great benefit of the service is its availability (wherever you are, use it twenty-four hours a day). Moreover, it doesn’t matter how long you have been subscribed to Globacom.

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Take all the advantages of the communication, because now you know how to transfer credit on Glo Nigeria. Enjoy the communication, calls, texting, and all the other services without limits!

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