How to tweak IMEI in Nigeria in 12 steps

IMEI change is a complicated task to manage. Learn the two methods described in 12 spets each. It's complete guide on IMEI subject.

Smartphones are popular in Nigeria and all over the world. Nowadays many Nigerians are seeking the answer to the question how to change IMEI on Android phone. However, we first need to know what it actually is. International Mobile Equipment Identity mostly known as IMEI is a unique number that belongs to every mobile device. To find it you will usually have to look under the battery.

how to tweak imei

All the numbers are connected to the GSM networks. They are stored in a special database. Thus, if you report that your mobile is stolen it is immediately becoming invalid.

This number usually contains several groups:

imei cellphone number

  • the type approval code (including country and assembly ones),
  • manufacturer’s identifier,
  • the serial number,
  • an additional number.

Now you know what digits are represented in the IMEI. Thus, we may pass over to the tweaking procedure.

Reasons to change the code

There are such situations in our life when we need to change a predefined IMEI number. They might be as follows:

  • To avoid fraudsters (who can try, for instance, tapping your phone): the change of SIM card cannot help in such cases, however, the regular IMEI shift can. Of course, you can also buy new devices, but it will demand lots of money.
  • To use the device which was bought abroad and manufactured for another country.
  • To return your IMEI in the cases when it has been shifted by mistake.
  • To get free data bundles from your provider (you can get an unlimited amount of it; or there might be special offers for Blackberry devices, like Glo Bis, while you own an Android one).

why change imeiSometimes the procedure may require the professionals’ help. However, if you are ready to spend some time and want to save your money you can try to do it yourself. It is possible. Nevertheless, you should know that there are countries where this process is considered illegal.

Ways of changing

If you're ready to tweak your IMEI and are not afraid of any risks then you should know there are several methods to do it. They include:

  • with the help of the personal computer,
  • with the help of the mobile phone.

How to tweak IMEI - first method 

application to change imei

We will look at the methods how to generate IMEI from Android to Blackberry.

In this case, Droid Tools may be applied to change IMEI. 

  1. Download a special application on your PC (for example, MTK Droid Tools v2.5 and Android ADB Driver).
  2. Back up your device.
  3. Write down your default IMEI (better to keep it safe).
  4. Then extract an archive of the program you have downloaded.
  5. Open MTKDroidTools.exe (obligatory as an Administrator).
  6. Make sure you have already rooted your phone and installed the driver. If you haven’t then do it by following the instructions:

    - download Kingo Android Root application,
    - install it,
    - enable USB debugging mode (settings – developer options – USB debugging; sometimes you'll need to turn on a special mode first),
    - run Android Root app on your computer,
    - connect your device,
    - click on “Root” (you will have to wait for a while after this, besides, a reboot might be necessary, however, it will be automated),
    - now your phone is rooted.
  7. Plug in your rooted device. After opening the app, it should detect all the information on your phone. Your IMEI number will be also displayed. If it won’t, then there's an error occurred and you have to restore.
  8. Press the “ROOT” button. The temporary Root access should be given to you in order to make the script work. When access it received you will see the green light.
  9. Then click on IMEI/NVRAM and a new window will appear.
  10. Put new IMEI you have generated before. There might be two of them – for SIM1 and SIM 2 accordingly.
  11. Click “Replace IMEI”. Thus, your existing number should be changed.
  12. Finally reboot your gadget for all the shifts to become operative.

How to tweak IMEI - second method

change imei code

So the procedure is completed. 

It is the easiest method and the majority of tweakers (both amateurs and professionals) use it and find it helpful. To do it you will need an application MTK Engineering mode. Then follow the stages to complete successfully the process:

  1. Download the mode for your phone (MTK Engineering mode that we have mentioned).
  2. Launch it on your device and then choose MTK Settings.
  3. Select “Connectivity” using the menu above.
  4. Choose “CDS Information”.
  5. After this, select “Radio Information”.
  6. If you have more than one SIM you will have to choose Phone 1 or Phone 2 (they correspond to the cards). IMEI will be changed on the one you’ve picked out.
  7. Click AT+.
  8. You will be asked to choose one of the several options. Such as:

    - AT+ EGMR=1,7  (for  Phone 1),  
    - AT+ EGMR=1,10  (for Phone 2).
  9. Write a new IMEI between the quotes.
  10. Tap “Send”.
  11. Reboot your gadget.
  12. To make sure you have tweaked successfully, check your IMEI number by dialing *#06#.

Questions on IMEI

resotore IMEI code

So, it's a very simple process as you can see. However, if there are any questions left you may always watch the videos that will teach you and show every step on practice.

Extra Megabytes

Many people want to change IMEI in order to get free data. Thus, let’s make certain it is really possible. We are going to take an example of MTN network.

Getting free 250 MB:

  • first, tweak the following IMEI: 356181043500204,
  • with the help of the analyzer try to modify the last 6 digits,
  • if everything done okay then text the letters “NOKIA” to 131,
  • your free data received.

Getting free 100 MB (with the same SIM):

  • try to tweak an IMEI number 359767053601168,
  • again apply analyzer to change the last 6 digits,
  • if you’ve succeeded write “SMART” and send it to 131,
  • your extra MB amount should be given to you.

The second way is much more convenient. It possesses several great advantages, including:

  • time (it may take no more than five minutes),
  • simplicity (anyone can apply it even if he or she does not have special knowledge),
  • availability (every person can use it on his/her phone).

Anyway, pick up and apply the method you like best and find the most suitable for you and your phone. They will both work in any case.

protect your cell phoneIMEI means International Mobile Equipment Identity, this code is unique and is given by the manufacturer to the definite device. It consists of several groups of numbers and sometimes people need to change it. One of the primary reasons is to get free data (like Megabytes), if you know how to tweak smartphone IMEI you may also avoid fraudsters.

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You can either address to the professional or tweak yourself. In some countries, this procedure is illegal. There exist several methods of IMEI change and you can apply either your personal computer or a mobile. Even a person without special knowledge can tweak an IMEI number successfully. Just choose one of the methods and enjoy your free data as well as the work with your renewed device.

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