How to use Glo bis on Android in Nigeria

Globacom is very popular in Nigeria. If you still do not have it, learn how to use it. If you do, learn some new features of it.

Globacom or Glo is a popular telecommunication company, which is well-known among the Nigerians and all over African continent. They offer lots of services, every modern person needs. They include:
Glo bis in Nigeria

  • voicemail and calls,
  • SMS,
  • the Internet.

You may choose special packages for business or for personal usage depending on your purposes. Besides, if you or your friends run out of the plan limit you may apply certain features, like credit borrowing or loan transfer. Thus, the provider helps the subscribers to always keep in touch.

Glo BIS plans

Glo bis on Android 1Probably everyone heard about the BIS plans from Globacom. Then you should know they created especially for Blackberry devices.

However, those people who have the other operating system also eager to take the advantages of this offer.

Thus, there are certain ways, how to use Glo bis on Android phone. They might be divided into two groups:

  • those which do not demand IMEI changes,
  • those which demand them.

The first way. Try to make the following steps:

  1. RGlo bis on Androidecharge Glo account with 1000N,
  2. Put your SIM card into the Blackberry device,
  3. Write a message containing the letters “COMONTH” and send it to the number 777 without quotes,
  4. Then the text of successful subscription should be received,
  5. Browse with the help of that phone for about 20 minutes (you can also download several songs or watch videos you like),
  6. Take your Android device to create new APN. To do this you need:
    • tap Setting – Mobile Networks,
    • access point names and click on any network on your phone,
    • click on the Option – New APN,
    • it should look like Name – GLO BIS; APN – blackberry.net.
  7. Insert the card from Blackberry to Android phone.
  8. Activate the created APN.
  9. Make connection and browse.            

The second way.

First of all you’ll require a Blackberry IMEI:
How to use Glo

  • you may get it from the device which doesn’t have a subscription,
  • you can generate it with the help of the available software (GIPv4_1, for instance).
  • Then download one of the apps from Google Play:
  • Mobileuncle tools,
  • or Engineer mode.

We’ll illustrate an example on the first one.

Open it and follow the navigation:

  1. Engineer mode.
  2. Engineer mode (MTK).
  3. Connect
  4. CDS info.
  5. Radio info.
  6. Phone 1 and click on AT+.
  7. Press E (you'll see the options list),
  8. Choose the one connected with IMEI change.
  9. Put the Blackberry number.
    Glo bis As you see, the procedure may take some time but it's easy if you do everything right. However, remember IMEI changing considered illegal in certain countries.

Now you know several ways of taking all the Globacom advantages on your mobile (regardless of the operating system). Choose one that best suits you. Sometimes the first method does not work though. But do not get upset and try the second one.

Thus, Glo bis subscription is available even for Android owners. Follow the steps carefully and you'll be able to enjoy the benefits the provider proposes!

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