iPhone 7 hidden headphone port: truth or myth?

Can you drill headphones port for a new iPhone 7? Did you try it? Somebody tried. Now you can see what happened with their iPhones.

IPhone 7

Did you try to drill your IPhone 7? Then you shouldn`t. It`s the best way to keep your money safe for some time. One of the pranksters decided to make a joke with lovers of new IPhone 7. Some buyers of the new IPhone does not like the idea that there are no ports for headphones. Therefore, they are willing to believe everything on the YouTube. The prank video from YouTube showed that you could add some headphones sockets by drilling the bottom of your IPhone. Still, it`s not true and does not try it at home. Nevertheless, the video where a guy tries to convince people that they can reveal hidden headphones socket by drilling them has been watched more than ten million times.

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The prank video reveals a guy drilling a hole to the left edge bottom of the smartphone. It pointed out that by drilling one 3.5 mm hole, you may reveal hidden socket for the headphones. Once the hall was drilled, the host of the YouTube channel showed that you could listen to music through headphones. This video prank has gone viral, and many people tried to ruin their smartphones. Some of them managed to perform this kind of experiment at home.

video was created by Ukrainian YouTuber

The video was created by Ukrainian YouTuber Taras Maksimuk. He specializes in the sphere of creating prank videos for destroying and smashing technologies. It is not the only one video presented for destroying IPhone 7. You might have seen Maksim trying to destroy the smartphone in a microwave oven and liquid nitrogen. He also showed seven separated videos where he is trying to destroy the IPhone. Nevertheless, he caused irreplaceable damage to all his smartphones. Nevertheless, he does not seem very sad about he loses. Furthermore, it`s just his job to destroy pretty valuable things for fun.

YouTuber video`s comment

The YouTuber video`s comment section usually filled with something nice and funny, but in this time there might have been real people who tried to drill their IPhones. People left not very friendly comments about this video. It might have also been the case that people tried to reveal hidden headphone sockets. Nevertheless, there are two things that people had in their intention. The stupidity would be first. Just one question: “Why would Apple company decide to hide a headphones socket in the IPhone 7?”. The second question is connected with a common human desire to save money by not buying extra AirPods for $159.

The video gathered more than 135 000 likes

The video gathered more than 135 000 likes and 90 000 dislikes for now. It`s still unclear how many people tried to drill their new IPhone 7. Just remember, that drilling a socket in the bottom of the new IPhone will not reveal hidden headphones socket, but can probably destroy your smartphone. It was not the first prank by Maksim. In 2013 he tried to convince people that installing IOS 7 would provide any Apple device waterproof qualities. IPhone 6 users were tricked to the microwaving their devices for adding some energy to the battery.

Therefore, do not believe everything you watch on the internet. You have your own head. Try to use it sometimes, and you may skip some loss.

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