Is 4g better than 3g

People are wondering what 4G is. Do you know how it works? Is 4g better than 3g? Why are you going to need it very soon? You’ll find all the answers right now.

During the last century we have made a huge progress in the technologies. We need more and more. Now Internet is not something unusual and specific. Everyone uses it. But what are 3g and 4g? Is it some ‘internet names’? How is 4g faster than 3g? 4g is cheaper and better than 3g?

What is 4G?

3g vs 4g

It’s modern fourth generation of communication technologies. And the fastest mobile internet in the world. 4G allows you work online moving in your car or running in a desert. It has high speed and the connection works tens kilometers around the 4G station. All known modern apps, sites and services will work perfectly with 4G.

What is 3G?

LTE 4g

In the case of 3G we cannot say that it’s some new data transmission method. It is already a well-known mobile Internet. It’s just a few times more reliable and faster than ones made before. 3G is a term used to describe the new generation of mobile services. Literally 3G stands for ‘third generation’. 3G is a collection of standards and protocols that are used in suppliers’ connection, and support custom devices.

3G, which is also called ‘mobile broadband Internet’, makes mobile device truly free. All the limitless possibilities of the modern Internet are now available to mobile users, wherever they may be. Watch streaming video during lunch on a park bench, take a video call from a beloved one on the way to work or carry out a large-scale video conference with colleagues from the office directly at remote locations - all this and much more is possible thanks to the third-generation mobile internet.

4g station

But 3G is useful not only to the ordinary users. High-speed mobile Internet will help the development of a large number of business areas. One of the most obvious examples is receiving payments. Mobile payment terminals allow the use of payment cards literally ‘on your way’. 3G opens huge opportunities for logistics, allowing optimizing courier services, parking and much more. And the ability to access any kind of information here and now opens the door to new ideas and start-ups, some of which have not even existed before.

Modern technologies or why 4G is cheaper and better than 3G

modern smartphone

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Modern technology, which in the very near future will become common, are impossible without guaranteed broadband access, such as remote surgeries and online consulting systems that allows patients to communicate with the best specialists, and instantly receive the latest maps diseases of their patients.

Nowadays cloud technology, without which you cannot imagine almost any type of activity, requires the availability of reliable, fast and high capacity channel. 4G mobile networks allow sending gigabytes of data quickly and with a high degree of protection. Wireless technology is a leader in providing broadband access in rural areas. It’s more reasonable and cost-effective to build a 4G station capable of providing communication at a distance of tens of kilometers, rather than pull the fiber.

Today it is difficult to appreciate the advantages of the fourth-generation high-speed communication, as they are numerous. Using such technologies, users get access to a huge amount of information of all kinds. In the past we had to wait the opening of the complex web pages, as well as downloading a large file, such as a movie etc.

4g cheap

It is high speed data transfer, a wireless network, as well as high-quality voice communicative system.  These are the main advantages of the 4G mobile communication of the fourth generation. It helps users to save their time. And it was the biggest requirement. In addition, the mobile communication 4G allows users to be online absolutely anywhere (where there is 4G coverage) and at any time. Thanks to the wireless 4G, users have got an opportunity to watch high quality Internet TV (HD). In addition, people will be able to create video calls and video conferencing online. 4G support opens a huge amount of new features.


If we talk about what is different from 3G 4G, then an important factor, oddly enough, there is the speed. The greater the number of people connected to the channel, the less its capacity. If we add to this set of problems with the coverage, the theoretical speed can be calculated only on the third. However, this is true only for areas with high customer density for densely populated areas and cities, as well as when driving. In other conditions, the speed sometimes jumps to record levels. Other options Before talking about how 3G differs from 4G, we should look at the proposals of operators that work with CDMA. The specificity of this technology suggests a completely different solution to the problem of channel load and number of users. The quality and availability of the signal depends, as in other cases, from a number of factors. However, these indicators in the use of technology CDMA is much better than when using GSM. Under ideal conditions the maximum speed is up to 3.2 megabits per second. It should be noted that routers 3G, 4G, CDMA is not as diverse as when using GSM. However, if you wish, here you can find a device that will be convenient for you to operate. - Read more at FB.ru: http://fb.ru/article/186586/chem-otlichaetsya-g-ot-g-i-chemu-otdat-predpochtenie

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