Is 4g the same as lte?

Do you know the difference between 4G and LTE? This article will help you compare those two and understand if they are the same or not!

4g and LTE

While choosing your new electronic device you have to be aware of its features. Moreover, you need to understand the difference between the most popular networks right now – 4g and LTE.

However, is there even a difference? It’s very important that you understand all the specifics about the way the networking works to acquire something that really suits you.

In the modern world it is very hard to live without smartphones as they have already become an integral part of our everyday life. It is also one of the most important and convenient sources of information.

We use our mobile data very often but not everyone is familiar with the notions 4g network, 4g speed or 4g LTE. But it’s not that difficult to explain it. Long story short “g” in 4g stands for the generation.

And LTE means Long Term Evolution. Usually those two terms go together.

What is 3G – explanation

Mobile networking is developing all the time. We see updates almost every month. 3G was the result of the 2G evolution.

It was actually a revolution a few years ago and it became the foundation for the modern smartphones. Back in 2000s mobile phones had only a few functions such as calls, SMS and also MMS.

MMS was a service that allowed sending the images via text messages. But when the 3G was introduced the whole system changed. 

The users got the opportunity to surf the Internet, download apps that are synchronised with the Internet, watch videos and listen to music. However, the speed wasn’t really fast.

It was a lot better than 2G connection but it was still not enough for people to find it completely convenient.

What are 4G mobiles

When the development of the 4g phones began, the researchers insisted on introducing some standards that the mobile network had to meet.

4g and LTE

They wanted the mobiles and the 4g tablets to work at a certain speed and have a certain quality of connection.

The minimum that they set back then was 100 mb/sec but after the product was introduced they increased their demands. 4g was “born” in 2008.

At first the developers of the mobile data were shocked when they heard the functions that they were expected to enable.

It seemed unrealistic as the 3G connection wasn’t able to meet any of the standards that were set for the new kind of networking.

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But the workers were working hard as they knew that the future of technology was their responsibility. Saw the fourth generation of the mobile data was shown to the world and the goal was reached.

Right now most of the mobile data users enjoy the opportunity to use 4G as their Internet source.

LTE  4g – what is it?

Actually LTE means Long Term Evolution. The point of this networking was to make the 4G connection work faster.

The developers couldn’t achieve the speeds that they were required to get so they started creating another addition to the 4g networking.

4g and LTE

Sometimes your phone would show the 4G sign in the corner but it doesn’t mean that it’s really 4g.

The reason for it is that the researchers invested their money in creating a better version of 4g but not completely changing and substituting the old one.

LTE is the name for the 4g networking that is more able to fulfil the speed and quality of connection goals.

So the developers waited a little bit and then they decided to release the 4G LTE mobile networking. It doesn’t mean that it’s completely different from the 4G.

It means that it has potential and LTE addition will help the 4g to improve gradually. The final goal is not reached yet but there is a huge team who is working on it right now.

And yet the progress is noticeable if you compare the previous 3G connection with the new 4g LTE one. The 4g is a lot faster and has more functions.

Most of the new devices that have been just released have a default 4G setting.

The difference in speed

A lot of people ask if there actually is a difference between the two newest mobile network connections. How well do both of them work and how fast they are?

4g and LTE

Are they going to have a different speed if I try to connect to the same website using different networks? The answer is pretty simple.

If you are comparing 4g and 4g LTE you are probably not going to notice the difference. Their settings are almost the same right now. However, if you compare 3G and 4G/LTE you will totally feel the change.

What is required?

Do you know what you need to have if you want to try the 4G connection? First of all, 4G will only work if the network is able to maintain the required speed.

You also need a proper electronic device that will be able to support 4G. Both of those components are responsible for providing you with the kind of internet connection that you want.

If one of them is missing, using 4G/LTE isn’t going to be possible. Keep that in mind!

The LTE speeds sound really attractive but you have to understand that it’s not necessary for everyone to use it.

If you have to use the network connection for work or for studies then it’s going to be perfect for you.

But if you are just doing it for yourself it might turn out that it’s not necessary to use LTE as the 3G or 4G connections might also be convenient too.

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