What Android widgets are the best?

What are the best android lock screen widgets, which will make your work in the app easier? What Month Calendar Widget is intended for? Read the article to learn about the best apps for your phone.

android home screen widgets

One of considerable benefits of Android operating system against the background of competitors is customization. User can get a number of tools by means of which he can organize working space at discretion. Many people prefer to place evident and informative widgets, thousands of which today there are in Google Play, on the desktop. However, eyes shouldn't run up on all extensive assortments. Pay attention only to widgets, about which we will tell further.

  • Data Rush. Data Rush widget is useful to those who have restrictions on the number of megabytes a month. It is easy to control the volume of the transferred and retrieved data with it. All you need to do is to enter the limit. Further, on a widget the quantity of spent monthly traffic will be displayed (as a percentage). Three different modifications are available: wide widgets with more detailed information and small with percent.
  • Weather 360. Weather 360 is a rather young development, however, unlike one hundred other weather widgets. It has an excellent design and beautiful animation. In addition, the widget is well customized so you will be able to find the color in settings without problems. Transferring information about the weather is also possible in panel of notification messages.
  • Dash Clock. Dash Clock is one of the most known and popular android home screen widgets in Google Play. It represents a certain Centre of notification messages at which notifications from mailbox, information on weather and alarm clock, missed calls, events from a calendar and the accumulator charge indicator are collected. In settings, it is also possible to include data mapping from third-party applications. Thus, the counter of unread messages WhatsApp, for example, will be displayed in this list too.

android email widgets

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  • Google Keep. This app belongs to category of android email widgets. The corporation didn't forget to develop the corresponding widget on the screen for users of Google Keep. Perhaps, it is especially urgent in a case with notes. Directly from a desktop, without coming into the application, it is possible to check the list of records, and also to add new in the form of the text, the list, record by voice or photos from the camera.
  • Animated Photo Frame. It is optional to put the photo as screen saver on the home display. Perhaps, in certain cases it will be better to manage the interesting frame, which occupies not the whole screen. The widget of Animated Photo Frame will perfectly cope with it. It is free. However, it is possible in paid option to set an interval, with which images will be replaced.
  • Invisible Lock Screen Widget. Many modern phones and pads became such massive that it is simply inconvenient to grope a lock key. And sometimes it breaks at all. On such case, android lock screen widgets for Android like Invisible Lock Screen Widget are useful. It is enough to download a widget and to locate it in any place on the home screen. Now, having clicked there, you will disable the screen. Feature of a widget, as it is clear from the name, is that it is invisible, so doesn't distract attention. It is important not to forget the main thing – where you locate it.
  • Calculator ++. Perhaps, it is the best widget calculator for Android. It allows making not only simple, but also advanced computation, without opening the main application. It is possible to pass to major version of the program for clicking of one key. The widget looks quite minimalistic.

android lock screen widgets

  • BZ weather. One of the best widgets of weather for Android with most exact forecast. The service aggregates the results received from different sources. It shows temperature, wind speed, a beautiful 3D animation of the current weather. There is an opportunity to output the forecast on hours, for day or for a week as a widget. In spite of the fact that the application is free, there is no advertising in it. The only thing that baffles, as well as other widgets for android, is that using of HD and animated widgets demand a big charge of the accumulator.
  • Month Calendar Widget. It is a very simple widget calendar for Android. It shows days of current month and allows to glance over the months back. Actually, on it, its opportunities come to the end. What else you should wait from calendar? To use an app is very conveniently. It is always near you, but doesn't distract an attention. There is no advertising in it. System resources are almost not used. Generally, before us there is an example of the fact that simple and free widgets for Android are better than competitors.
  • Battery Widget Reborn. Perhaps, this is one of the best Android widgets of battery power for the Android. It allows obtaining all available information on accumulator status in the device. The widget largely removes how many percent of energy remained, builds the diagram of consuming. It is also possible to look when there was last charging, to evaluate temperature of the battery and similar data. But you shouldn't forget that the widget tracing charge level also consumes a power.

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