What apps are must-have for every iPhone?

What are the best apps for iPhone which you must definitely need to have? Check out top 15 must-have apps!

must-have apps

Very soon there will be about one million apps for iPhone users. How can you choose only the most useful apps from the whole amount? Probably, you already have downloaded some apps which you like because of their benefits. For those who don’t know what apps to chose to fill their home screen, we have created the list of top 15 must-have apps for iPhone. We don’t consider such apps as Twitter or Facebook because everybody is already aware of them.

Here are the best apps which you must have. Hopefully, you will find something useful for you.

1.    BillGuard (Free)

 BillGuard (Free)

This app is a really helpful tool for those who want to organize their finances. In spite of the fact that it has similar functions with some other bank apps, it also helps to manage spending habits. The biggest problem of the most people is that they can’t control their irregular spending and bills. However, BillGuard will help you to do that. It will also notify you of charges for services which you often use.

2.    Vine (Free)

  Vine (Free)

Of course, there are a lot of social media sites which you like, but Vine has many exciting tools. It makes it possible to create 6-second videos and view them via Twitter.  The handy “re-vine” feature allows you do find the best videos pretty quickly.

3.    Dashlane (Free)

This is the best app for those iPhone users who frequently buy something online.  The app is free. However, there is also a premium option. What are the benefits of this app? First of all, it keeps track of your purchases online and allows you to find receipts easier. Secondly, Dashlane saves your payments and confirmation information automatically.

4.    Buffer (Free)

 Buffer (Free)

This app gives you the opportunity to schedule Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook and LinkedIn posts. In addition, the app can measure the time, when you should post something so most of the audience will listen.

5.    My Fitness Pal (Free)

My Fitness Pal (Free)

This is one of the best apps which will help you to stay in shape. It allows keeping track of calories which you gain and burn. It sets realistic goals and provides strict boundaries to keep track of your meals. The database of food is huge, so you can easily count calories which you input. Also, it makes possible counting calories which you burn during the exercise.

6.    Shazam (Free)

Shazam (Free)

This is a fantastic app which can identify the song which you hear. Shazam listens to the music and figures out the song in a few seconds. Moreover, it provides information about the band, lyrics and where to buy it.

7.    Onavo Extended (Free)

Onavo Extended (Free)

Onavo will help to keep the track of your information and conserve the data. This is especially useful for those who always go over the limit. The app is also would be necessary if you’re traveling when you don’t think how you use your data.

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8.    Foodcate (Free)

   Foodcate (Free)

If you want to be healthier, you definitely should download this app. Foodcate allows determining the health value of any item in the grocery store based on the label. You can also scan the barcode and view the grade of the product. This grade is based on ingredients, calories and many other factors which give you the understanding of what you are buying.

9.    Google Maps (Free)

Google Maps (Free)

Of course, you have iPhone navigator called “Maps.” However, Google Maps contain more tools and don’t cause navigation problems. Even the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, recommends using Google Maps.

10.    Dropbox (Free)

Dropbox (Free)

Dropbox is one of the best cloud services because it works well on every platform. The app gives you the opportunity to create and view files via different devices when you have internet access to them.

11.    Duolingo (Free)

Duolingo (Free)

Duolingo has plenty of language learning tools, and all of them are free. There is also a premium version of the app, which contains even more lessons.

12.    Zillow (Free)

Zillow (Free)

This is the perfect way to find the place for living, both for buying and renting. It gives you the fool information about the location, contacts, photos and other useful tips.

13.    Spotify (Free)

13.    Spotify (Free)

The app provides millions of song in addition to the friend's network. Spotify is free, however, if you want to have access to your playlists, you should have a premium version which costs 10 dollars per months.

14.    Sleep Cycle ($1.99)

This is the best smart alarm which will wake you up only when you ready, so you will not be tired or feeling groggy. The app can identify when you move to the REM sleep phase and measures your sleep cycles overall.

15.    Camera+ ($1.99)

Camera+ ($1.99)

Of course, you can download other free camera apps, but Camera+ is one of the best one and it worth the money to pay. It will allow you to take the most outstanding photos with your phone and edit them.

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