What are common problems with Android phones and their solutions?

How to fix minor issues with android smartphones? Read the article to find out!

Android mobile phone

Android mobile phone do not desire to listen to you? Do not panic then. Sometimes Android smartphones have problems with everything. You just need to find a solution to a common problem with Android. Unfortunately, there are more than one common problems with Android mobile phone. You may desire to know why it is freezes sometimes all how to illuminate this problem with freezing? Nevertheless, some problems are quite decidable by your own. Therefore, in this article, you have a list of most common problems with Android and their solutions. Still, if you have bigger problems with Mobile Phone, then you would need to ask a specialist to fix the telephone.

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If your WI-Fi does not remain connected

This problem can be solved. You would just need to go to WI-FI, then Settings, continue to Menu and press the option to be connected with Wi-Fi during sleep.

WI-Fi does not remain connected

If your Android Phone is frozen

You would just need to kick start your mobile Android phone. There is no other solution to this problem. You can`t unfreeze the telephone.

If your SD card can`t be recognized

The corruption can infiltrate your SD card, so it can`t be recognizable by Android mobile phone. One of the best solutions would be reformatting it with using laptop or desktop. You can also reformat your SD card with the smartphone itself.

If you keep running out of your memory

One of the main reason would be a full cache on your mobile phone which affects running characteristics. Try to clean some cache.  You may download some apps which can help you with this task, like Clean Master or Cache Cleaner from Google Play. These apps may help you to clean some memory and resolve the issue. You should also uninstall or move some apps to an external SD card to free some space.

If you keep running out of your memory

Do you need to remove apps?

You would need to go to Settings, then Applications and Manage Applications. Try to select the app you wish to uninstall. You would need just tap to the application to remove it from your mobile phone.

You have problem with brightness of the screen

If you have difficulties under the sunlight, you can increase your brightness on the mobile phone or use the anti glare screen protector to see the screen even under the brightest sunlight.

If you desire to be more creative with passwords

Try to follow the Setting, then Security and Set up screen lock. You would need to choose to enter a pattern instead of the password. Patterns are more secure and reliable.

If your screen has been cracked

You may not need to buy a new mobile phone, but you might need to buy a new screen. Although, mobile phones can work with cracked screens. Still, you can easily replace the screen of your mobile phone by buying it from various suppliers. Just surf the internet to find a right one and make your research on buying the screen.

If your screen has been cracked

If you desire to wipe your Android completely

Follow the Settings, then SD and Phone storage, and finally Factory Data Restore. You may need to go through the process twice to be sure that everything is removed.

Location problems

Follow the Settings, then Locations and find “Use GPS satellites.” This may ensure greater accuracy with navigating and positioning.

You want bigger letter in the text of the message

You may follow to the message settings and try to use “Set text size” to increase the size of displayed text in the message.

You want bigger letter in the text of the message

You dropped your smartphone in water

You may need to remove the battery swiftly and any parts that are removable also. Try to dry it for seventy-two hours in a very dry room. You would need to dry it again. It may work, but chances are 50:50.

You have secrets in the search history

You would need to follow www.google.com/history in your Android browser and then log in. Here you can remove all your previous searches and choose not to save future searches.

Updating of the apps automatically

You would need to follow Google Play, then “My Apps” and click on the app to select auto-update feature. You may need to select it for trusted apps only. This option is to be selected on the half way down the screen.

Updating of the apps automatically

Desire to download your music directly to the Android phone

You may need to install Amazon MP3 that is selected from Google Play and purchase MP3 files directly to your phone without using PC and laptop. You can also download few mobile apps which allow you to download music for free, but it may corrupt your mobile phone if you download music from questionable resources.

Can you take screenshots?

The method varies from the model of the mobile phone. You may click at the same time to the volume button and power bottom on the mobile phone to take a screenshot. You can also try to click simultaneously to the home button and power button to take a screenshot.

Do you desire to learn a foreign language?

If you desire to change the language on your Android phone, you may require following Settings, then Language and Keyboard. Here you may choose the language you require.

Do you desire to learn a foreign language?

You can`t install some apps on the SD

Some apps can`t be installed on your SD card, but you can try to move them. Try to follow Settings, then Manage Applications. You can remove the app after installing it from there.

Try to speed up your Android phone

You may use some apps to speed up the smartphone. Try to use SetCPU, which can allow you to add some swiftness to your mobile phone by overclocking the processor. It may also help with slowing down the processor to save some memory. Nevertheless, be careful with these options as it may help you to fry up your process and end the life of your mobile phone.

Try to speed up your Android phone

 Try to remove preinstalled apps?

You may try to change and delete preinstalled apps, but the process will require rooting the device. Then you would need to download the Root Uninstaller. You may have problems with instability of your mobile phone and constant problem with memory. Is it worth it?

Stop viruses

Try to download the antivirus application, like Kaspersky Mobile Security or Nod, AVG. These applications may provide you real protection against threats on the internet.

Best way to back up your mobile phone

You may choose to form the multiple solutions to back up your Android device. One of them would be Titanium Backup Pro. This app may help to save any part of your mobile phone and even transfer it the email or Dropbox.

The live wallpapers use too much battery?

The only solution to this problem would be using static wallpapers.

Phone volume is too quite

If your mobile phone suffers from the low volume, then you can use some mobile apps to boost the telephone volume. You may download AudioBoost from Google Play. It can perfectly increase the volume of your mobile phone up to thirty percent. You can activate it from home screen widget.

You desire to block unwanted callers

Your network provider may not offer this kind of option to your mobile telephone, but you can block the unwanted calls with using Extreme Call Blocker Droid. This app can perfectly block any income call, but it cost a lot. You can easily find some reliable and similar apps on the Android market.

Stop viruses

Clock which loses the time

This problem may occur if your mobile phone`s clock is connected to the network. If the network clock is slow, then your mobile clock will also be slow. You would need to go to the Settings, then Date and time and try to untick the automatic option at the top screen.

Can you track stolen smartphone?

You would need to take some precautions measures. Try to install a third party app; it would help you to track down the mobile phone if it gets stolen. You may try to use PhoneLocator Pro, which allows you to track down the telephone with using GPS. It also helps to lock and wipe the Android phone upon your wish.

Slow Android Phone, how to find a solution?

First of all, try to delete all unnecessary apps that slow down your mobile phone. Clean your cache and unnecessary data from downloads. You may also try to install the app, like System Tuner Pro. It can increase the speed of your telephone and ensure more effective performance of the apps.

Can you use Itunes with an Android device?

You can perfectly use Itunes with double Twist AirSync. This app can provide you the possibility to synchronize media files with Android phone and iTunes with no physical connection. Nevertheless, you can`t have access to the DRM protected media.

How to close the app which constantly freezes your Android phone?

 You would need to follow settings, then Applications and “manage applications.” Now you have the option to choose the misbehaving app and select the option what to do with it. You may find “Force stop.” If it does not work, then try to uninstall and reinstall.

Does your auto correct know all the words you need?

The auto-correct option was created to type the words fast and easy with no mistakes. Still, it does not mean that autocorrect know all the words on the planet. Nevertheless, you still can add some new words to the collection with no haste. Be patient when you are typing the text and look carefully to the “+” sign while you typing, try to tap on this sign, and your word would be added to the list automatically. This feature is unique for future using. You can add more words and then your typing will become more accurate to the matter.

Close running apps quickly

Try to use the default task manager installed in your Android to deal with running apps quickly. This feature helps you to deal with all running apps within few taps.

Do you not desire that your screen would turn off while charging?

Try to get to the Settings, the Applications and finally Development. Check the option “Stay Awake” on your smartphone to make sure that screen would not be turn off while charging.

Switching between keyboards

Try to press on the “123” on your keyboard, and you will be given a choice of installed keyboards. It will allow you to choose the desired keyboard in a matter of seconds.

Reinstall paid apps

You do not desire to pay twice for the same app, do not you? Then try to follow the instructions. You can reinstall paid apps from Android market. Try to follow “My market Account” and then tap on the orders tab. This tab provides you all apps you have ever bought. You can tap on any app to make sure of reinstalling. Google Play does not take any charge for reinstalling the apps.

Do you have the latest version of Android?

Follow Setting, then About phone and “System Software Updates.” Try to click “Check now” and you will be informed about any updates.


I've used Twist in the past for the iTunes problem and it works ok. I continue to have storage limitation issues with my Android though. Using a media server app like younity (https://getyounity.com/home-media-server) is an easier way clear up space on your phone and/or get iTunes on Android. It also let's you download music directly to your phone.

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