What are Google Play Store alternatives?

Are you tired of Google Play Store but not sure which will be the best alternative? This article will show you what you can download instead!

Play Store alternatives

In case you think that Google Play Store is not the best option for you, there are other apps that have the same functions and are not worse than the Play Store you are used to.

Here you can find the most popular and the most convenient Play Store alternatives where you can shop and buy some apps. There are different kinds of apps just like in the marketplace we are used to.

Some of them you can just download and install on your device but some will definitely cost you some money.

1. MoboMarket

Many people have already heard about MoboMarket which is a great app store designed for Android. It is number one Google Play Store alternative. The owners of the appstore always update and add some new functions to it.

It’s not worse than Play Store and even though it’s quite sophisticated it will surely please any customer. You can find anything you want there – free or expensive apps, games, social networks.

It will be perfect for anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable with Google Play Store anymore. Moreover, the great benefit of MoboMarket is a great variety of good quality wallpapers.

The main function of this marketplace is to allow you to make your smartphone even more complete and useful. Even the design of the app store looks great as a big team of professionals work on it.

Moreover, this app store has a backup function which is really convenient for all users.

Play Store alternatives

Not only you have an opportunity to install some really cool apps that you might need both for work and entertainment but you can also backup the files that were saved in your smartphone.

Therefore, you have a power over your device and you can control everything that it does. Any files that you have installed on the device will be stored over PC for later so you don’t have to worry about anything.

What is more, another benefit of MoboMarket is that you can find anything you want easily as they have different sections like Music, Videos and others.

You can find any category you want and install everything you need really fast.

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2. Amazon

Amazon is another famous app store that has a lot of users all over the world. Any user can find anything they need there! Apps, games, agendas and anything you might think of can be found there.

Moreover, it’s really easy to find and download it. It’s compatible with any Android device. This site is very convenient and sometimes you can even find good deals and sales.

Play Store alternatives

All the apps are divided into sections so in case you don’t know what exactly you need, you can explore different areas and find the perfect app for yourself.

3. GetJar

For a lot of those who use Symbian devices this app store is a usual thing. You can find GetJar by googling it on your computer and you can also install it to your phone.

It’s very easy to find things that you want to download as everything is very well-organized. It is similar to other appstores but there is still the difference.

GetJar will be perfect for those who have previous, older versions of Android.

4. Apps Lib

If you have Android and all the options above are not satisfying enough for you, try AppsLib. It’s not as sophisticated as the others and for some users it’s rather a good thing.

Interface allows you to look through the store and find anything you need quite fast. There are millions of apps you can choose from. Everything belongs to its own category.

Play Store alternatives

There are various apps – free and also those that you have to pay for. Most of the users choose to pay via PayPal. AppsLib is also a great choice in case Google Play Store is not an option for you.

5. F-Droid

F-Droid is the last app store alternative in case you don’t like all of the above. It stands for ‘Free and Open Source Software (FOSS)’.

You can easily download anything you want and there are a lot of free games and apps there. So in case you are tired of Google Play store, download one of these app stores and enjoy a wide range of opportunities.


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