What are the most stupid questions to ask Siri?

What do you know about Siri? Which stupid questions to ask Siri do you know? How will she respond? Read more to find out!

Siri stupid questions

If you are a lucky holder of any Apple device, like Apple watch, IPhone or IPad, you might have already got acquainted with Siri. It`s a virtual assistant who can help you navigate through your device or on the internet. You may ask it any question you desire and get a standard answer. Nevertheless, you can try stupid questions to ask Siri and get excellent answers. The developers are also people and predicted that one time in the universe people would get bored and try to make fun by asking Siri stupid questions. Thus, they programmed some responses to get most hilarious responses for Siri out of stupid questions.

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“Beatbox for me.”

We all like crazy music but ask a virtual assistant to perform music is undoubtedly a stupid question to ask. Nevertheless, Siri does not lack of intelligence and creativeness and “boots and cats” beatbox would be in your head for some time.

“What is your best pick-up line?”

It`s not the best idea to ask a machine on how to pick up a girl, but if you managed to do that, the response would be in robot style. There may be jokes about the connection between Bluetooth and her. Ideal vacuum reference and auto-complete phrase.

“Siri, I am your father”

“Siri, I am your father.”

Indeed a stupid statement for the machine. If you try to tell Siri this famous phrase from Star Wars, do not expect any feelings from the computer.

“What`s the time?”

It`s a philosophical question that is seemingly a stupid question to ask Siri. Nevertheless, she may take pity and respond to a mere human some small ideas of what the time is in the thoughts of many philosophers.

ask Siri stupid questions


Siri is a machine, but it`s perfectly fine operating a programed machine which would give you a straight answer on your 1…2….3.

Try to ask what happens to zero if divide it by zero

If you might have forgotten the basis of mathematics, Siri would gladly give you a brief course and explain, why you can`t divide zero and zero. Siri would tell it in most childish and mocking manner as it can.

Siri and questions

What comes first? Chicken or egg?

Siri also has an answer to this philosophical question. Nevertheless, the answer wouldn`t be straight. It would only leave you with more doubts as Siri seems to enjoy making fun of people.

“How do I look?”

For some reasons, Siri does not desire to answer this question. It will tell strictly that the instructions do not allow it to respond.

Ask Siri

If you are interested in its family

You wouldn`t be likely to get a straight answer. All that you need to know that the only member of its family is you and It`s OK with that.

If you are interested if Siri is an atheist

Siri would give the answer that it`s not in her power to respond to this stupid question, so you would need to wait for another capable assistant.

Ask Siri questions

If you are interested where is Santa

Siri has a particular reply to that -  the North Pole, of course. Nevertheless, despite it seeing Santa from the cloud, it wouldn`t give you the precise location.

If you are interested why firetrucks have red color

Siri would gladly give you a short entry to the history of firetrucks with Queen Elizabeth and Russians involved in it.

Siri and questions

Asimov’s three laws of robotics

If Siri is a program, so it follows and remembers these three rules. Nevertheless, it might now the laws, but it desires to speak about them in a humorous manner.

Do not underestimate it

If you try to some stupid questions to ask: “Who is the best assistant?”. It would certainly give you exclamation marks, like seriously or literally?

Siri asking

One of the stupid questions to ask Siri

It`s if Siri is stupid. Fortunately, Siri is smart enough and desire not to answer this question.

Do you remember Snow White`s: “Mirror, Mirror on the wall?”

In a respectful manner, Siri would gladly to give you an answer to this interesting question.

Siri to ask

There are more other stupid questions you may ask Siri. Nevertheless, it may seem like a bit of fun for first few times, but either you or Siri might get bored from this fun. Also, Siri appears to be an apple fan, so, it`s quite funny to ask it questions about the best company, device or virtual assistant. You would always get an answer of loyalty from its lips if it has ones. Try not to get lost in the fun while playing with Siri as it seems to be an excellent listener and good friend. Why do you need a machine friend to have fun and ask stupid questions when you might ask other people common questions and expect them to respond funny?

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