What are the signs that you have to buy a new cellphone?

How to understand that it is the time to change your phone and to buy a new one? Is 3G enough for active using on Internet? Read the article to learn more signs to buy new model of cellphone.

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It happened with everyone. Phone bothered or it is broken. Cell phone repair is cost as much as to buy new gadget. And it doesn't seem already such attractive as earlier, and new iPhone looks so fine. Is it time to change your cellphone? To be convinced that change of gadget is not just a whim, we represent you 7 signs that your phone became outdated or doesn't correspond to your needs any more.

  • The broken screen. One of the most awful nightmares of many happy owners of smartphones especially is the moment, which lasts half of second. Your phone slips out of hands, flies down and falls on floor. It is necessary only to lift it with a sinking heart and to be convinced that this time you are lucky. And if you are not? The screen of smartphone is one of its most expensive details. Depending on model and age of phone, repair of display can cost very much. And there was a crack on the screen and touch sensitivity of the display remained not so good. It is inconvenient and unpleasant to use this device: some badges and letters are not visible, and it is possible even to wound a finger on the burst glass. It is better to think of phone change.

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  • Cell phone charger became worse. All cellphone batteries have optimum limit of repetitions of charging, then the accumulator capacity begins to decrease, and it is discharged quicker. On average after 500 cycles of a charge, the resource of battery falls for 20%. Besides, operation of accumulator is influenced also by other factors, for example, the scheme of using. The more tasks you set to the device (many applications work in the background), and the more these tasks are difficult (games with an excellent graphics, video, maximum brightness of the screen), the accumulator is discharged quicker. If you don't play games, your accumulator shouldn't be discharged more than for 1–2%. One more sign – if the smartphone is disconnected in case of 20%, 30% or 40% of charge. In new models of smartphones energy saving processors, different software applications for saving of charge and accumulators of bigger capacity are installed, that allows to live without need to be constant connected to the socket or to the external accumulator.
  • Even if to find number in the telephone book, it is necessary to have a lot of patience, and from the moment of clicking an icon prior to talk you  become angry several times, it isn't necessary to doubt. You should deal with issue of updating of cellphone. When simple actions, which aren't straining the processor, are made slowly, it is possible to forget about use of other functions. Lowering of sensor sensitivity is also a sign of slow phone and it is not necessarily means existence of some defect of screen. Any contact is the command requiring operation of processor. If the screen doesn't register a tangency, so phone doesn't understand what you want to make.

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  • If your smartphone began to be switched off spontaneously, this is a sign that the device doesn't correspond to your user needs any more. Usually such situation arises when phone is so loaded so that each additional task demands from the device more than it is capable to offer you. In this case, the only thing that it can do is to be disconnected. We live in the world where it is necessary to be constantly in touch, and phone with unpredictable behavior doesn't have the place in it. Imagine a situation when you expect an important call from friend or partner in business, and they won't be able to phone you as the smartphone will be off.
  • Any phone has a certain volume of the built-in memory, in which operating system is written and all downloaded applications, photos, video, music and other files are stored. The volume of the built-in memory at phones is different so in purchase of phone it is necessary to consider that, for example, from 8 GB built-in memory of phone you will get about a half as the software of phone occupies all remaining.

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Also each updating of the software both applications and an operating system takes memory away. As a result, once it is possible to find the blinking message that memory of phone is filled on the screen. And you won't return memory deleting photos and video. It is a sign to buy new cell phone.

  • Your phone doesn't support LTE. If video from YouTube opens extremely long and if the same video can't be watched in HD quality, it means that you for certain still use the smartphone without support of LTE.

In fact, 3G is a standard of the previous generation, maximum speed of data transfer for which makes 21.6 Mbit/sec. (maximum speed of the 4G Internet is 300 Mbit/sec.).

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For the elementary actions, such as sending e-mails, this difference is hardly noticeable, but if you watch clips, listen to music or glance over news portals, which are usually complete of photos, the difference is much more notable. With 4G-Internet video is opened almost at once and usually in HD quality, news open quicker and of course, just made selfies get to Instagram in one second.

  • Maybe the water has got inside of the case or just an old phone is quite tired, but your friends stopped to hear you. The only way to make your voice heard if you decided to actually call someone – to connect a headset or use the speakerphone. Otherwise, you will have to communicate only with SMS.

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