What are top 10 Indie Games for Android?

How will you spend your free time? Are you looking for a game for your android? Read about top 10 Indie Games for Android, maybe you will choose something for yourself.

Android games

Independent developers create fun and casual  games for the mobile platform Google Android, but not all of them worthy of attention. Today, in our world there are a lot of interesting games for different topics. Indie Games (independent video game) – are the games created by individual developer or a small team without the financial support of the video game publisher. Let’s consider top 10 indie games for android phone.

Indie game

1.Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP
Atmospheric adventure with an emphasis on audio-visual extravaganza in which each individual action is accompanied by an unique sound. The unique setting of the mythical world is complemented by gameplay,  centered around the adventures of a young monk sorrowful.

Super Hexagon

2.Super Hexagon
This puzzle challenging even the most inveterate gamers. Gameplay of this game has minimalist graphics and is quite simple: it is necessary to maneuver a tiny triangle, while dodging approaching hexagons.

3. Gyro
Another puzzle game in which players need to control the color wheel so that the appropriate color were in the desired area. This beautiful and simple game will satisfy the requirements of the casual gamers.

World of Goo

4. World of Goo
One of the best-selling indie game of all times, with the unique atmosphere, consisting of 48 levels. The main objective of this game is to use small beads to create a sufficiently strong and effective structures to overcome gravity in the different places.

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5. League of Evil
Classic platformer and an unmistakable choice for those who love the 8-bit games.

6. Quell Reflect
Charming zen puzzle with a pleasant atmosphere, which is created by the music and graphic design.

Organ Trail

7. Organ Trail: Director's Cut
Retro game in the genre of survival simulator, which will be very pleasant to fans of zombies.

8. Bag It!
A game for logics with more than 75 unique levels and various modes where it is necessary to stack the products with regard to their physical properties and characteristics.

9. Spelltower
Another puzzle game, the main aim of what is to draw up a set of words from the suggested letters. The used letters disappear, that complicates the task. Players can choose from the several levels of difficulty and number of players.

Finding Teddy

10. Finding Teddy
This game is made in a psychedelic pixel style. The goal of the game is to help the little girl find her teddy bear, that is stolen by a monster out of the closet at her home. Here you will find a fascinating journey through the mysterious world filled with mythical creatures.

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