What is etisalat customer service number

Are you the user of Etisalat and you need help? Then this article is for you! Read and find out what you need to do.


Etisalat stands for Emirates Telecommunications Corporation. What is the point of it and what is Etisalat customer care service number in Nigeria and other countries?

It is the mobile network made for the customers in Africa and Asia. Moreover, it is active in about twenty Asian countries which makes it one of the world biggest operators.

There are about two hundred million Etisalat in the world. This network is very important and famous in the Middle East and Africa.

The company makes a lot of money and its profit is billions of dollars. Not many network operators can be proud of getting that much profit.

The other famous and important mobile network in Asia and Africa is Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company. These are the two biggest services with the biggest amount of customers.


Etisalat is a LTE Network. It is possible to use the network when you’re travelling outside the countries where it is used. There are about two hundred more countries that can use Etisalat.

The most important cities in the world have its offices. If you need to use this network, it is available at almost any place in the world. And you can also call abroad.

Brief History

The Emirates Telecommunication Corporation was established in 1976. At first it was owned by the British but then everything changed. The Asian and African countries took over it and became the owners of Etisalat.

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In the late 90s the mobile network got the right to provide the connection in the country and outside the country too. They also got all the necessary equipment, signed the contracts and started importing their services.

This way The Emirates Telecommunication Corporation became as powerful as it is today.

The profit of this communication mobile network is only increasing every year.

Etisalat customer number in Nigeria

Call 0809-0000200 in order to get help


There are more than twenty million customers of Etisalat in Nigeria. The service is available at any of the Nigerian states. According to the statistics, most of the habitants use this network.

The number of users is increasing all the time too. The company is trying to develop and modify some things. They care for customers and want to provide them with the most convenient service.

Easy Blaze is the product of the Emirates Telecommunication Corporation too. It is the service that provides the customers with the developing new technology and convenient tariffs with the reasonable prices.

They work on making the service even better. Right now they have developed a lot of functions that make your work with the service easier.

Etisalat customer number in Afghanistan

Call +93 78 678 6786 in order to get help


The Emirates Telecommunication Corporation was opened 9 years ago in Kabul. It’s not as popular in Afghanistan as in the other countries, but it still has a lot of customers who are satisfied with the service.

However, the popularity of Etisalat was growing really fast. By the way, this service company was the first in Afghanistan to set up the 3G functions. This improvement influenced the popularity of the network even more.

Etisalat customer care service number in Sri Lanka

If there are any questions that you want to ask call 0722541541 and you will get help.

The first Etisalat Company was established in Sri Lanka in 2009. Its profit also accounts to millions of dollars and there are also millions of people using this service.

Etisalat customer care service number in Egypt

The number that you need to call in case you have problems is 00 20 111 123 4333

3G in Egypt was also first introduced by the Emirates Telecommunication Corporation. It is still very popular in Egypt and more and more people are becoming the users of Etisalat.

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