What is Etisalat subscription code?

How to become a subscriber of popular Internet operator? What tariffs does it suggest? Read the article and you’ll learn all technical parts of this question.

The company is the leader in the market of telecommunication services. It was founded in 1976 and till 2006, was the only telephone operator. At the moment, it is one of the largest mobile network operators of the world (more than 100 million subscribers). It is easy to recognize offices of Etisalat by the huge sphere located on building’s roof. Offices of sale and customer service are located in the majority of shopping centers of the country.

What is Etisalat subscription code

People, who want to join the operator, are interested what is the code for Etisalat subscription.

For a start, it is necessary to decide on tariff. The firm has competitive and simple Internet plans as for computers and the same for mobile phones and tablets. Lists of tariff plans and Etisalat subscription code for Android are given below.

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what is the code for Etisalat subscription

Etisalat subscription code for 1000 is the most suitable for the phones having high functionality. However, users of inexpensive models will also be able to use this service. Such tariff offers clients 200 MB of Internet, which they can use during all month. This Etisalat subscription code for android phone is *229*2*1# or SMS MB2 to 229.

Etisalat android subscription code for 4000 is suitable for active web-users on high-quality smartphones and tablets, and also for PC. 1.5 GB of the Internet, which are available within one month are at the disposal of client. Etisalat subscription code for android is *229*2*4# or text MB4 to 229.


After installing the patch Etisalat subscribers found that instead of having to receive the promised performance, their mobile phones suddenly became very "productive" to suck energy from batteries, putting them in less than an hour. The company promised to deal with the problem as soon as possible and has suspended distribution of updates. According to the code of the program, its developer is a us company SS8, on the website which States that its Xcipio software solution that allows service providers to implement the interception of communications, used in 25 different countries. Such capability is required of the operators at the legislative level in many States (and it comes to the fact that the absence of the person cell phone calls the police have suspicions and can become the reason for the arrest).

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