What is the best data plan for cell phones in Nigeria?

Do not wish to waste money on expensive mobile communications? Discover the best data plan for your cell phone.

Do you want to be connected all the time? Looking for a suitable data plan for your purposes? Find out everything about the best possible variations. What is the best data plan for cell phones in Nigeria? Learn right now!

 best data plan for cell phones in Nigeria

Who has the best data plan for cell phones – top service providers

There are plenty of providers, who can offer you very good data plans, which include everything a modern person may need. Let’s find out, which services are actually available:

  • What is the best data plan in NigeriaCalls. There is often happen, when proposed free calls within the network. There can also be free of charge minutes for other operators.
  • Sms. Messages have become a part of our life. For example, there might be a particular amount of them provided.
  • Internet. Nowadays we cannot live without network. Thus, the majority of providers give an opportunity to purchase special packages.
  • Additional services. You can always get information you are interested in with the help of your provider. There is great number of news about sport, celebrities, and so on. Besides, you can even start learning language.

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These are the most common things. Now we can observe the existing providers, which are the most popular in Nigeria. They usually differ according to the technologies applied and some other features, such as number of subscribers etc. The list of providers includes:

  1. MTN. This is the giant of Nigeria, which possesses about 300 million subscribers worldwide and 40 million in Nigeria (according to the 2015 data). It can operate in many African, Asian, and European countries. It is possible to select a data plan for your own purpose. There are even special ones for businesspeople and for those, who travel a lot. This company uses GSM and HSDPA technologies.
    What is the best data plan for cell phones
  2. Glo mobile/Globacom. It is the second largest company in Nigeria with almost 20 million subscribers within the country. They offer packs for business and personal use. Besides, they can provide you with some offers. However, they are available on certain type of devices. There is an opportunity to boost your data plan when you need some extra services. The company applies GSM and HSDPA technologies. Besides, there is a Mobile Money service, by means of which you can make transactions. It is available round the clock and really fast. You can get all the information about data packs on their website. The prices are indicated. Moreover, you can easily switch your plan using special code.
    What is the best data plan in Nigeria
  3. Airtel. It is close to Glo with about 15 million users. They have the same technologies as well. It is popular across many African and Asian countries. They also provide 3G and 4G LTE mobile services. They have all you need from business to personal plans. There are even roaming data plans available (either prepaid or postpaid). Besides, there are various Internet plans. There is a list of suitable devices, which you can find on their website.
    What is the best data plan for cell phones airtel
  4. Etisalat. With GSM and HSDPA technologies used, it has only a bit more than 7 million subscribers. It operates in fifteen countries of Asia and Africa. It is the largest international voice traffic carrier in the Middle East and Africa and the 12th largest one in the world. Moreover, Etisalat is also one of Internet hubs. It possesses wonderful coverage and quality of connection. There are personal and business packages (including corporate ones).
    What is the best data plan for cell phones etisalat
  5. Visafone. This is less popular provides, which uses CDMA2000 1X technology. It has about 2.5 million subscribers in Nigeria. This company offers various data plans, as well as products and services. Besides, they greatly support Blackberry device. However, this operator has coverage only for 24 states out of 36. Thus, if you select Visafone, make sure it works where you need.
    What is the best data plan for cell phones in visafone

How to pick the best data plan for Nigeria

It is essential to know, which factors are important for choosing the best data plan. They are as follows:

  •  best data plan for cell phones 1Quality and coverage. Comparing the plans, it is vital to pay attention to the coverage of a certain provider. It must be able to support your connection throughout the whole country (and even beyond, if you apply roaming services). The quality is the second important thing, as you must be able to hear a person you talk to. There should not be any interruptions.
  • Price and fees. Even if everything is alright with coverage and quality, sometimes the price might be too high. Consider what you can get for a certain amount of money, and how much some extra packages will cost.
  • Plan features. It refers to the services, provided by an operator. All of them usually have the same, however, there might be some interesting features you may require. That’s why, you must first understand what you need, and then consider the variations.
  • What is the best data plan for cell phones 2Device selection. Do not forget that some providers have created their services for a particular type of cell phones. That’s why you must make sure, you have chosen the one suitable for your device. Besides, there are sometimes special offers, which can be enabled on certain operation system. You might find some ways out, of course, if you search for the solution on the Internet.

Thus, consider the listed features before making a final decision.

What is the best unlimited data plan for cell phones

Now let’s observe the best variations of plans among the considered providers:

 best data plan for cell phones in Nigeria 1MTN. The highest plan gives 7.5GB for N8.000. If you need more data every month, then it is better to choose the other operator. For regular users, their best plan is Day & Night. It costs N2.500. The amount of traffic is 4.5 GB.

Airtel. They actually have lots of plans for both regular and heavy users. Maximum plan costs N18.000 and gives 20 GB. They offer the best plans for Android devices – 2 GB for N2.000 or 4.5 GB for N3.500.

Glo. It is suitable for normal users. They have annual packs, such as 120 GB for N111.000. There are also big monthly plans – 100 GB for N85.000.

Consider the given information and make the best choice of the provider and data plan. Think about how many GB you require, and then make final decision. Everyone can find a suitable plan for him or herself in Nigeria.

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