Why does Samsung suspend Galaxy Note 7 production?

Why Galaxy Note 7 keeps firing in news? How Samsung explains the situation?

Galaxy Note 7

Galaxy Note 7 has become one of the major failures for Samsung. Multiple devices of Samsung caught on fire. According to official representatives of the Korea Giant, the schedule for smartphone production is changed for now. Nevertheless, these are only temporary changes. They should be made to ensure a quality of the products.

It should be mentioned that one week ago Samsung was forced to recall more than two million of Galaxy Note 7. The reason of this was that some of the devices were caught on fire due to malfunction of lithium-ion batteries. Therefore, the Korean Giant is forced to take some actions and suspend Galaxy Note 7 production. Therefore, some analysts state, that production of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 can be devastating for the company. The Battery burnings is a major threat to the reputation of Samsung, especially in the big market of smartphones. Right now, the company has nothing to propose to overcome even the closest competitors, like Apple with their iPhone 7.

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Phone on Fire

Phone on Fire

Samsung sends reports about investigating cases with Note 7 caught on fire. The first case happened in Kentucky, USA and less than a week there were three more cases of firing. It should be mentioned, that the cases happened with replacements.

One week ago, a citizen of the state Kentucky, reported, that he had got a replacement of the Note 7. One day he heard a hissing sound from his bedroom and the next day he caught his new smartphone on fire. He had owned the device less than one week.

The owner of the smartphone informed that firing of the smartphone had negative effects on his well-being. He had to go to the local emergency room due to constant vomiting and caught after an incident. The local clinic diagnosed him with acute bronchitis. He has plans to find a lawyer and sue Samsung.

According to official company statements, Samsung takes this problem seriously and tries to ensure security for the customers. Samsung has already contacted with customers who had reported about Galaxy Note 7 malfunctions.

The U.S. regulators are also under pressure from the community. The last incidents with Samsung and recalled two and a half million original Galaxy Note 7 – erupts questions about further replacements of Samsung. There are reports, which more Galaxy Note 7 were caught on fire with protective cover melting. Therefore, it`s quite a disturbing sign for Samsung company which grants millions of loses.

Samsung Losses

Samsung Losses

The replacement of the Galaxy Note 7 is not a question right now. Many mobile distributor companies in the USA informed their customers that they could freely bring back their Galaxy Notes 7s with full refunds. They can also exchange their smartphones to the equal price telephones.

Samsung and The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission continue investigation upon cases of Galaxy Note 7 caught on fire. Samsung and the USA work closely upon the investigation. It`s still hard to predict the long-term financial consequences for Samsung. Nevertheless, it`s possible to operate initial financial loss reports which provide information, which Samsung has lost about 100 million dollars due to the case.

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