Why Nigeria is one of five fastest growing countries for mobile subscription?

Got a new cell phone? No wonder you did. NIgeria is one of the 5 top countries with growing mobile subscription.

Do you know that Nigeria has become one of the states, where there are the largest number of mobile subscribers? But let’s find out why and how it has happened.

mobile subscription boost in nigeria

Mobile World Congress news

According to the recent reports, Nigeria has been listed in top five countries. The amount of mobile subscriptions here has significantly increased. It was announced during Mobile World Congress of 2016, which was held on Monday in Spain.

Indisputable leaders

mobile subscription growth

Well, what are all the leaders? Let’s consider the full list:

  1. India. About 20 million users have been added in this country.
  2. China. There have been 6 million more subscriptions this year.
  3. The USA. The third place is taken by this country with 5 million added users.
  4. Myanmar. The same as the US, 5 million more people have signed up.
  5. Nigeria. The last but not the least comes Naira land with 3 million more subscribers added.

Impact on smartphones users

mobile subscription increase

The key influence is made by particular mobile operators and digital content providers. Various levels of network performance are extremely essential for the users. They have really great influence on people’s emotions and even health. For instance, some delays in connection or loading pictures, music or videos might cause the rising of heart rates! Moreover, such things make people stressed (its level increases by third) and angry.

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Well, Nigeria is among the leaders again. Mobile Internet has become a part of everyday life for people in this country. Probably, much more subscribers will sing up for special plans very soon. By now, we can only guess and wait for the results of the next Mobile World Congress.


on the world map appeared the first country where mobile Internet connections overtook fixed, Nigeria. Leadership is still uncertain: mobile traffic exceeds fixed over the weekend when a part of Nigerian users are outside the offices. However, this past weekend to mobile users accounted for over 55% of all Nigerian traffic. And in other, weekdays, the share of mobile users in the country is close to 50%. Nigeria is a country whose population is more than 155 million people. According to Reuters, today connected to the Internet, only 17 million Nigerians, that is 11% of the population. Moreover, already now it is possible, based on the findings of the largest research agencies and Internet futurists look to the future and to understand how the growth of mobile traffic will affect the global Internet and our network practices. Because the share of mobile Internet is slowly but surely growing everywhere. In developed countries this indicator is 5-7%, although a few years ago was quite negligible.

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