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Which Mobile Phone Network Suites You Best?

It really a great confusion. Which networks do you think serve the best way?

MTN, Vmobile, Mtel or glo

Its not easy i think... Kindly pick the one you think is your choice... This is just a survey, Please choose the one you like... if you don't have a mobile phone, choose the one you will go for when purchasing your first mobile phone...

Note: You are free to vote your best network everyday...

You can vote at

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Is 'Propre' a good name for a GSM network service?


A friend of mine on the forum is planning a new GSM network service that aims to make it possible to make cheap voice calls to MTN, Vmobile, M-TEL, Glo Mobile and others networks from a GSM phone on an existing network?

He wants to know if the name 'Propre' is a good name for such a service. Is it? Please drop your vote in the poll above, and drop your comments below. Thanks!


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