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Is 6-year sentence enough for murderer?

Is 6-year sentence enough for murderer?

Do you agree with the judge's decision to give only 6 years for a murder of girlfriend? Find out what the other Nigerians think about Oscar Pistorius's trial!

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What Is The Value Of Different Sins?

OK, so because of reading a different thread, i was reminded of something that I've been thinking about recently. I notice, that we, as people, put different values on sin. Like, for instance, coveting is better than lying, which is better than hating, which is better than lusting, which is better than committing adultery (even though they are the same sin) which is better than stealing, which is better than committing murder... etc...

People get put in jail, and even are given the death penalty when they murder someone... but you don't even always get in trouble when you lie.

The bible tells us that all sins are equal, that coveting and lying are just as horrible as stealing and committing murder. or if you look at it the other way, committing murder and stealing are just as OK, as coveting and lying.

But in culture, whether it be the worlds, or your specific contries, we put values on the sins. get in more trouble when we do one thing opposed to the other.

So where does this leave us?

We can't use Gods laws as human laws because then everyone would be in jail.

but we can't have murderers and rapists on the loose.

and if you ever go into politics, you have to put your own personal value on each sin, to know where you stand, so you can make decisions.

For instance, (i live in America), in America right now, we are having this whole issue on whether homo-sexuals should be allowed to marry. God says we should treat everyone equally. God also says that marriage is for a man and woman. It is a sin to be homo-sexual, but it's also a sin to lie. We don't permit those who lie from certain privileges. So what right do we have to permit homo-sexuals from a privilege such as marriage?

So, how do we decided, what sin is best. what our values should be, where we stand on political issues?

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What Are Your Favorite Movies?

Top ten

There are movies and there are movies as we all must know but there are some movies I really love. I must have seen them a million times but I'll see them again at the drop of a hat.

The other day, I sat down to see all four of Mario Puzo's 'Godfather'. I couldn't help marvelling at Al Pacino's and Rob Deniro's combined acting talents all over again.

Another one is 'The Shawshank Redemption' - amazing film. Usual suspect- absolutely amazing.

'Murder In The First' -- about Alcatraz and the hideous things that went on in those cells before it was finally shut down.

I love 'Pretty Woman' as well on the lighter side.

Ah well, I could go on forever about the films I love but I best give you guys a chance to do the same. So, who likes any of these films as much as I do?


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What Has Love For Novels Gotten You Into?

Hi novel lovers,

Has your love for reading novels ever gotten you into a situation?

Could be funny, hillarious, awkward, embarrassing, upsetting, or downright bizzare.

Check this out:

My father once held family meeting on my behalf, why? He claimed I was learning how to commit murder!!!!

I was only reading "A time to Kill" by John Grisham.

Another time I got the beating of my life because I locked mysef up in the toilet for hours, dodging chores but reading for hours, only to come out clutching a novel. I can still remember the expression on my mom's face when she saw the cover. It was a temptation mills and boom series.

I learnt my lesson then, and have progressed to reading overnight instead.

What about you?

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The Quest for the Historical Jesus Christ - Fact or Myth?

What is it that blocks otherwise intelligent people from looking objectively or critically at Christianity?

Is it like overlooking the defects of a loved one? Is it denial, like refusing to see the signs of drug abuse in a loved one? Is this how the myriad contradictions are reconciled within the believer’s mind?

While religions are fabrications, Christianity deserves special investigation because of its aggressive history, namely in the forced conversions and the murderous removal of opposing sects.

"Scholars' efforts to eliminate paganism from the Gospels in order to find a historical Jesus have proved as hopeless as searching for a core in an onion." The "gospel" story of Jesus is not a factual portrayal of a historical "master" who walked the earth 2,000 years ago. It is a myth built upon other myths and godmen, who in turn were personifications of the ubiquitous sungod mythos.

Gerald Massey

What are your views?

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Would You Please Join Me In Praying For Nigeria?

This is not so much a discussion thread on a topic; it's a place where we bend the knee to Him who is greater than us. Please post a short prayer for sanity to return to our beloved country Nigeria. If you've got almost nothing to say, a simple "amen" or short verse to encourage others will do. Thank you.

O God, please step into our situation and stop the murders taking place in our nation. We ask in Jesus' Name. Amen.

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Would You Abort? Advice Someone To Abort? Is Abortion Murder?

first before i ask my question i would like to know if there is any girl in this forum that has committed an abortion and is bold enough to say so?

its illegal in some countries and maybe legal in some (not sure) and in nigeria i realy do not know of the law concerning abortion if there is any lets put the law aside for a minute

i know of a woman who took in an househelp form her village they came to lagos and one night she got lost and when they found her she had been Molested now i have never heard of someone been Molested and getting pregnant but believe it or not a month later they found out she was pregnant with out even thinking twice this lady took the girl for an abortion ..........God forbid this happen to you can i ear an Amen to that........ but if u did get Molested(God forbid) and got pregnant would you abort or if it happened to someone you know would tell the person to abort that pregnancy

or a normal sittuation husband and wife 5 children litle income they make a mistake the wife gets pregnant she aborts is that wrong

or young girl gets pregnant for her boyfriend put yourself in that situation would you abort

and finally guys your girl gets pregnant dont tell me you use condom we know sometimes this thing can fail .would u tell your pregnant girl friend to abort?

i think i would post my opinion later today

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