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Ifa - The True Religion Of The Yorubas?


IFA is the religion of the Yoruba peoples of Africa. Unfortunately, within the last 100 years traditonal forms of religion in Africa have declined under the influence of colonialism, Western acculturation and proselytizing by Islam and Christianity. In the African Diaspora (mainly in the Americas) African-derived belief systems are in a state of impressive growth.

Today Yoruban religion has undergone a phenomenal surge in popularity and interest. Santeria, the adaptation of Yoruba and Ifa with Catholicism, came to the U.S. - first with Puerto Ricans in the forties and fifties and then with the flood of Cuban refugees in the sixties. The pantheon of major Yoruba deities has survived virtually intact, along with a complex of rites, beliefs, music, dances and myths of Yoruba origin. <snip>

Yorubas believe in a supreme being, in primordial divinities, and spirits that have been deified. God is known as Olodumare (the one who has the fullness of everything) and Olorun (the owner of heaven, the Lord whose abode is in the heaven above). Other names are also used that reflect the Yoruba belief that God has all the possible attributes of a person.

The Yoruban philisophy includes the beliefs that:

There is One Supreme God

Except for the day you were born and the day you are supposed to die there is not a single event in ones life that cannot be forecast and if necessary, changed.

Your spirit lives on after death and can reincarnate through blood relatives

You are born with a specific path.

Divination serves as a road map to your path.

Our ancestors exist and must be honored, respected and consulted.

The Orisa (forces of nature) live within us and deal with the affairs of men.

You must never harm another human being or the universe, which you are a part of.

Spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional realms of our existence must all work together and be balanced.

Sacrifice is necessary to assure spiritual success.



Some call it idol worship but the misconception was brought in by the colonialists. Due to their ignorance,they termed a very sophisticated religion to be idol worship. The Yoruba had been worshipping the Olodumare (All in All, the Creator of all) through the deities before Christ.

We've been conditioned to believe that our indigenous customs and traditions are bad, yet the imported religions and cultures we've embraced has not made us any better, isn't it time we embraced our own religions and cultures ?

what are your thoughts on this issue ?

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