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How Do You Keep Romance In A Relationship?

OK, I am kind of new here, just begin to post. So here is a new topic. Let's have some fun with it. OK?

Ladies/gentlemen you remember when you first met your boyfriend or hubbies, yeah. Well, that look he gave you, or when he was near did things to you. Your body went crazy with yearning. So tell me what do you do to keep the home fire burning?

Well, I would always do things kind of unsuspecting like once he came home. I got him to set on couch in front of red lite candles and champagne, I purchased light bulbs of red in color, so room was beautifully light. I excused myself and slipped on this stunning nightie it was red lace. ( few years back much younger, LOL) I turned on music, I chose earlier and turned on the house speakers came out lip syncing and dancing for him.

He laughed all through and I couldn't finish my act because I started laughing too. Than we drank champagne and I asked him to dance for me. LOL, he did in Unclad. Anyway, that SOB left. Too bad, for him because after he got out there and saw theres no place like home. He tried to come back. But I have retired my act for now.

So, what do you do to keep it burning?

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