5 top lessons to learn from RAP music

Rap music has some amazing life lessons to teach us. Do not miss on these and get the 5 best from the top world rappers.

Rap is not just some music or entertainment, it is part of the culture and it can shape who we are and what we think. Music is a powerful tool that changes mentality and impacts community. So, what are some of the lessons we get from the best rappers’ lyrics?

best rappers lessons

Rap is an essential part of the modern world culture. Famous rappers shape the mentality of young people, form the new generation. In some measure they shape their values and our future. That is why people in Nigeria love rap music so much and always wish to stay tuned to the latest news about the top rap celebrities, such as Olamide, Wizkid or Davido. At this they take interest in the prominent US rappers: 50 cent, Kanye West, and of course Tupac Shakur and others. Below you can find some key takeaways and lessons we can learn from lives and quotes of the famous rappers. Some of these lessons are pretty rough, but they teach us wisdom and help to do the right thing. And, of course, these people also make mistakes and we can learn from them as well. 

Lesson #1: Self-Confidence

At time it may even sound as arrogance. However, they surely know how to boost their self-esteem. Here is what Kanye West had to say about it: 

Kanye West quotes

"There's nothing more to be said about music. I'm the fucking end-all, be-all of music." (Kanye West)

Most rapper musicians are highly self-confident. They know who they are and they do not need the public or someone to appreciate them to value themselves.

Here is another Kanye West quote on this topic:

kanye west celebrity

"If I don't win, the award show loses credibility."  (Kanye West)

Lots of people today mind “what would  people say”… They do things or do not do things being guided by the opinions of others. Some people even fail to pursue their dreams just because others disapprove of them. You will always face contradiction and opposition in your life. At times you do need  to go against the flow to become successful and to pursue YOUR dream, even if no one else pursues it or believes in it! That’s the lesson we learn from rap music.

And here is another proof of it in the form of Jadakiss quote:

jadakiss rapper quote

Lesson #2: Life can be tough, but…

Here are some wise words from Jadakiss:

Famous Jadakiss words

Life can be tough for anyone. Even the rich and famous can live in hell. It’s not a prerogative of poor or lowly. Still, life changes, there is always hope. Things may go up or down, one should not despair as pain never lasts. We all get hard situations, but we can make it through!

J Cole said:

J Cole quote

Lesson #3: Adequacy

Yes, that might sound weird. Some rappers might look a bit crazy, isn’t that why we love them? But there are many best rappers quotes and lyrics that teach us real life lesssons. Here is one of them from Talib Kweli:

Talib Kweli rapper

“Just because you got money don’t mean you made it. Just because you make it, don’t give you the right to be on that fake shit.”

Here is another great quote on adequacy from the 50-Cent:

50 cent words

“Hate a liar more than I hate a thief, a thief is only after my salary, a liar is after my reality.”

They know how to be real in life. They see for what it is and in some cases can be extremely honest about it, even if somewhat brutal.

Lesson #4: Progress

Rap may not be the most “noble” style in music, like classics. This music talks about dens and pits of life. Lots of rappers came out of scrapes and ghettoes. Still, they know your place of origin cannot limit you in life unless you let it. Here is what Rakim had to say: 

rakim rapper quote

It’s not about how you have started, but it’s about how far you have made the progress from your starting point. Life is made out of small things. Doing them and pressing on paves the way to success and a person makes progress. No one has  expressed it better  than 2Pac:

2pac shakur quote

Lesson #5: Be manly

Depending on how you treat other people the life would treat you. Get the Lowkey quote on it:

lowkey quotes rap

"So think about that stuff when you diss her That's somebody's daughter, somebody's mother and somebody's sister" (Lowkey)

Being self-confident, progressive and successful, but you can still treat others life dirt or respect them and understand their value in life. Real men know the value of their words and deeds. Rap  teaches how to not only be “cool”, but to be real men.

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And another one from 2pac Shakur:

2pac shakur wisdom

These 5 best lessons of rap music can help you transform your life and become strong, successful and great. Don’t miss on them.

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I like rap music, but of course not all performers. A lot have good and quality music. I love lyrics, recitative, beautiful music. This is music mood. It is about modern world, its problems, joys and sorrows. I used belong this music little bit biased, believed, that it was for some teenagers or bandits. After I attended various concerts rap artists, I can say, that I was wrong. It is an excellent trend in music, but in it, as in other styles have talented performers and debris. Just do not judge whole direction of one artist.

Answered 2 years ago.

This music is not for everyone understanding. Some people think that this music is just a lot of words with are not connected to each other. But if you listen such music thoughtfully you understand that it not just some disconnected words - these words have a great sense and a great meaning. Most repers write their songs basing on their life, their problems, their searching for the meaning of our life. If you listen such thoughtfully, you will understand all the meaning of this songs, and you will take something useful and helping in solving your every day problems. This kind of music brings us a useful message based on life of other people.

Answered 2 years ago.

Well, this direction music - me at all on the soul, righht like that, but not always, its true. Depend on my mood ... meaning in their songs definitely are, and how diferent? In general, its interestin that singers of this genre is quite kind and good people, they shows clips of type that they are only interested in girls, the money crowd. fact - they are family men, here, to see such as the Snub Dog- a lot of kids happy family. So I thiink is any kind of music hass right exist always-in live...

Answered 2 years ago.

I like to listen to rap music. But there are a lot of performers. who just write lyrics, not giving them special meaning. A mere handful of those who can be called real rappers. I like the works of 2Pac, Tech N9ne and several other performers. I think in the rap industry is not so easy to break, most of the current performers were in the circle only with a lot of money, and in the lyrics of many videmanette, like they are gangsters. and and guns in the hands not holding. Rap is an art that carries a certain meaning, sincerity, kindness.

Answered 2 years ago.

Hip-hop is continues running through my veins. Been drowning my head in the sea of fly rhymes and beats since youngest age. My bro represented me to this music genre. Indubitably, my most favorite rapper is Tupac Shakur. His songs bring deep message and giving strong hope along with faith to see a new day beginning with a smile upon our lifeless faces. Each of his marvelous albums like a book that opens reality with wise recommendations on how to bear hardships of rough times. Also, 2Pac have tons of positivity in his lyrics which can make even toothless man smile shining. Pac reached the King status absolutely deservedly!

Answered 2 years ago.

Yo, I rememmber coz as I first time.. gow I heard of Eminem. That music just rly made me think.. u and when as I have lit the young. It is incredible IMHO how the beat of music, truly, the magic voice can be continue to read your simple own theme! Yo.

Main skills and the just rly meaning of your song. I think guys need to just easy sing of actual events, whereas begins swing more.

Mouzon I want to tell for example i can tell about my favorite performer, he really knows what =).. and he says. I'm fan of his. And what your favorites actor of the guys?

Answered 2 years ago.

what an exquisite quotes. I do not like rap music to be sincere but sometimes these songs have an awesome sense and deep wisdom within. I frequently thought that these men are truly arrogant and selfish. And besides that their songs sound so harsh and angry, they seem like a very dangerous people. But deep i their souls they are nice and lovely human beings. I consider myself in rap music a neutral observer but it is actually worthy of our attention. The mood for these songs should be right and nice

Answered 2 years ago.
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