Abeokuta – what are the news from Nigerian Drum Festival?

Did you hear about drum festival in Nigeria, which comes to the end this Friday? Read the latest news about the bright event!

Nigerian drum festival Abeokuta city firstly took place in Ogun state. I began on the 19th of April.

Nigerian drum festival Abeokuta city

The capital of the state is one of the main tourist centers. It comes to the end on Friday, on the 22th of April. The festival has drawn attention of many famous Nigerians. Six ambassadors of African countries have also visited it. The festival became a national holiday, which has brought together thousands of guests from all the country.

Ogun state

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The commissioner of Nigerian culture has used this opportunity. He invited guests to excursion on local sights. One of such national properties is Centenary Hall. It was constructed in 1930. Guests of the festival have also visited the rock of Olumo and the Ake palace.

nigerian drum festival

Guests from the different countries have shared their impressions of sights and of course, of local drum music. ‘I have never received such impressions outside my state. I am grateful to Abeokuta because these people have provided me with warm hospitality. I feel like at home and I am happy that I have got acquainted with culture of these people closer’ – Saleh Attah said, one of drummer-visitors. By the way, a few Brazilian motives also became part of the festival. The purpose of this action was to strengthen national unity of Nigerians.


I love these grand festivals, they are forced to believe the best, believe in the prosperity of the country. After going to so many talented people, expansions that are able to play the drums, I would of course also like to pouchavstvovat in this festival, but yet do not know how to play the drums. It is nice that so many people are not indifferent to such events, it is very good that there is a desire for something. After all, many people simply do not want to go to these festivals, not to mention the fact that we should still play the drums. We follow the news.

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