Adekunle Gold is going to sue bloggers offering his album for free download

Have you heard that several music blogs downloaded Adekunle Gold’s debut album just after its release on iTunes? Read the article to know more!

adekunle gold

The Nigerian music world is going to face a big scandal! Adekunle Gold decided to make pleasure to his army of fans, by releasing his debut album a few days earlier than it was scheduled. It was released on 25th of July instead of 28th. The playlist of the album included 16 tracks, which costed 99 cents per each. It was exclusively available for sale on iTunes.

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Unfortunately, barely 24 hours after the release, certain number of music blogs have uploaded all the songs from the album on their sites for free downloading.  These actions had some negative influence on Adekunle Gold and his entire team.
His fan with a nickname @tunedpraise tweeted that the music blogs took off the entire album and uploaded it for free access and advised Adekunle to take some legal actions against it. This tweet was quoted by Adekunle himself with a respond saying: “We on it. Thanks for your concern.”

adekunle gold

Let’s hope that this story will end well, as Adekunle is not the first artist who falls a victim of “pirates’” actions on the internet.  Every artist of an international level faces these issues and from year to year they try improve measures against the piracy in the media world.

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