Between D'Banj ft 2face – who is the richest?

Love Nigerian musicians? Find out which one among DBanj and 2face is better, richer and cooler!

What do you know about two significant musical artists – singers and songwriters 2face Idibia and D’Banj? Who is richer and more popular? Are there anything interesting in their lives? And what are the recent news about them? Get to know all this information and more from the article.

who is the richest?

D'Banj and 2face Biography

Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo or just D’Banj was born in Kaduna state in the family of military officer. He had to move several times and, thus, travelled a lot across Nigeria. Later, they moved to England. In fact, D’Banj was expected to follow his father’s career and even entered Nigerian Military School. Nevertheless, after three years of study, the boy left it. He finally obtained his secondary education in Nigerian Navy School.

D'Banj musician nigeria

His love to music started with harmonica. He really struggled to follow musical career. His first album called All Da Way was devoted to it.

When coming to London to get his higher education, he met Don Jazzy, who wanted to become a producer and songwriter. D'Banj began hanging around the studio, supporting himself working as security guard. Two artists came back to Lagos in 2004. After this, they released a single called Tongolo.

D'Banj songs are mixture of Afrobeat and Afropop. He has released four albums and several singles by now. You should also know, he is not only a singer, but a businessman and CEO of DB records. He is famous for his endorsement deals, such as ones with GLO, Cîroc, and some others. Thus, D'Banj net worth now totals up to N1.3 billion.

Innocent Ujah Idibia is mostly known as 2face (Tuface) Idibia. His family is from Jos and they belong to Idoma ethnic group. 2face was born in 1975. He received the diploma in business management and administration in Institute of Management & Technology. During his studies, he participated in various parties and events in other schools and institutes. In 1996, he also began composing and singing jingles at the GB Fan Club at Enugu State Broadcasting Services. His stage name was adopted the same year.

2face painting

After deciding to follow career in music, he went to Lagos and joined Plantashun Boyz (with two other rappers). In 2004, they chose to perform as solo artists. 2face debut album was released in 2006. He has released six albums and much more singles by this time.

This artist is also a well-known businessman. He has a deal with Airtel telecommunication giant. 2face net worth currently reaches N5 billion.

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2face to 2baba - rebranding

2face to 2baba

According to the recent reports, 2face has decided to change the name. His new stage name will be 2baba. All his accounts, including Instagram and Twitter have already been renamed. 2baba news has been just rumors for long time. But now the information is proved. There is even a picture of his new single cover with this name on it.

D’Banj news

The recent reports tell about some disputes with one of the Twitter users. In fact, the girl wrote that D’Banj is not that great alone (without Don Jazzy) and his music is kind of rubbish. However, the artist reacted in a very smart way. He paid little attention to the girl, and didn’t ask the fans to bully her (though he could). Thus, he even promoted her blog. Fans were really impressed by such action and behavior. Now they probably like him even more.

d'banj and don jazzy fight

Nigerian musical industry would lose a lot without these two giants. Both of them are also prominent and successful businessmen. They are very rich, but 2baba is a bit wealthier by now. Let’s see how situation will change in future.


Oh how I love Nigerian music. I am delighted with their creativity. To become a musician needs a lot of patience, desire and talent. Most musicians learn from malechku. Once parents notice that the child is interested in music. But it is also necessary to have financial wealth. I know many good and talented people, but due to lack of funds they can not get through on. Only units through various competitions punched. So in this case, if the parents of these musicians were not able to help them financially they are unlikely to have had such success.

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