Bi o se korin igbalode

How does one learn to rap and become a rapper? Bi o se korin igbalode

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In order to be a great rapper daily listening to good rap, not as not affected. To start, you need to have the talent, voice and hearing. Next, you need to develop musical talent, to study music. Then maybe something happened. But in the show - business quite a lot of successful rap artists, and I think I get on the stage is not so easy. Not only to have a good voice and talent. We need to be noticed, promoted, produced the. Otherwise they will not come out. Of course, it is possible to be a good rapper and for friends and relatives.


Rap is something native to Africa and NIgeria in particular. To learn to do it you need to listen to some good rap daily. try to develop your voice and articulation. Learn good english and go for it. READ ALSO: Who is the best rapper in Nigeria today – 10 top


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