Burna Boy: is he back to UK?

Why Burna Boy could not go to UK for 5 years and what changed now? Learn the news.

Burna Boy

Do you like this Nigerian singer? Well, people in UK loved his music, but… for over 5 years he was banned from coming there. Find out why.

Did they allow Burna Boy to go back to UK?

Burna Boy songs are great, but his personal conduct is not a very pleasing one. During his first visit to UK 5 years ago, he was noted doing some awful things. They say he was spotted taking part in the local gang stabbing. Back then he was young and might have made a mistake  or two. The punishment was rather severe and the guy got no right to visit UK for over 5 years.

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Burna Boy back to UK?

He got deported back to Nigeria. However, Burno Boy denies taking part in any of such illegal activities. He even refuses the fact of deportation and states that he just did not want to go to UK and that’s it. However, now Burna Boy is ready to go back to United Kingdom and do his show there.

Hopefully, this time nothing bad would happen to him to make him go home sooner than he wishes to.

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