Does music affect your heart rate?

Physical health without spiritual health doesn't happen. Mentality is – an integral part of our consciousness, by means of her we perceive our problems and we solve current affairs.

  Salutary properties of music are known long ago. There is even a concept a music therapy – treatment by means of music. At the heart of perception of music there is an impact on the thalamic zone of a brain which is responsible for sensory and emotional perception. Harmonic musical oscillations through a brain give a powerful impulse to all organs and systems of a human body, vibration of sounds creates the power fields forcing to resound each cage of our organism. The sound wave causes production of active agents most various biologically which participate in regulation of work of internals and systems of organism. Music unconsciously includes an intuition, makes a peculiar reset of consciousness.

  The quiet and smooth melody adjusts the person on quiet reflection, more distinguished perception of the world around.

  Loud and rhythmical music stimulates physical characteristics of organism that is felt as inflow of forces, pleasures, cheerfulness, strengthens feeling of optimism and allows to cope with the increased physical activities.

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  By scientists from Saint Anne's Institute in Crotone (Italy) it is set that listening of classical music influences heart rate at the patients who are in a vegetative status. The study involved nine patients who as a result of head injuries or serious illnesses fell into a vegetative state, and sixteen healthy people. The effect of listening to music four fragments of approximately 3.5 minutes on each heart beat participants in the experiment. Selected passages differ in tempo and emotional content. When listening to music excerpts were measured heart rate. Healthy people were asked to describe with their emotional feelings after listening to music.

  As a result of an experiment it was clarified that fragments from musical pieces rendered on the patients who are in a vegetative status, the same influence as on healthy people. The music causing pleasant emotions reduces heart rate, and, on the contrary, emotionally negatively the colored music leads to increase in a warm rhythm.

  Researchers have made the assumption that listening of music has influenced work of those structures which usually don't lose activity even as a result of extensive injuries of a brain.

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