Does music affect your mood?

Music, like no other factor helps a person to overcome life's difficulties. Read how different types of music and music generally affect mood.


Since the birth people are  surrounded by various musical rhythms. However, many people do not think about the influence of music to the human body. Meanwhile, different tunes are a kind of tuning fork for the body. It can heal the body. Question of influence of music to the human body is relevant since ancient times. Even then, it was known that using music can cause joy, relieve pain and even cure serious diseases. For example, in ancient Egypt, choral singing treat insomnia and relieve pain. Ancient Chinese doctors wrote out musical tunes as a prescription, believing that music is able to cure any disease.

Music, like no other factor helps a person to overcome life's difficulties. It is able to create, improve or maintain his mood, as well as to charge the energy for the whole day or to relax at the end of the working day. In the morning it is better to listen cheerful and upbeat music, it will help to wake up and make you to jump out of bed in the desire to change your live to the better. Also fun and energetic music influence on the human psyche and help people to change sadness to joy, and sorrow to the optimism and love for life. Quiet and smooth music will help to relax and calm down, escape from everyday concerns, reduce the number of thoughts in the head and focus at the self-regulation. Slow and relaxing music affects a person as a sleep aid, so if you suffer from insomnia and you do not know how quickly sleep, use this fact.


We know influence of music to human emotions. If a person is having fun, he has a positive day – he will hear uplifting music. If people want to relax, take a break from the cares of life bustle, he will listen to light, relaxing music, most of it will be simple melodic composition. It is difficult to imagine at least one nation, at least one generation, who did not know music. Even ancient people, in the disposal of which were not musical instruments, produce sounds using the mouth and danced to their songs. But modern scholars have proved that music is not just sounds that support our experience of anxiety or joy.

They directly affect the emotional state. A man who long time listening to sad music, songs that sing about something bad, mentally programs themselves and the same events begin to happen to him in his life. Its existence does not seem to him so joyful, and if it will continue to listen to this kind of music, he simply can not avoid depression.

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music in the minds

But there are also uplifting music. A man who lives constantly on the positive wave, listening to funny, perky songs will be very difficult to put into a closed depression. The fact that our mood determines to what music we will give preference. If the street rain, the gray clouds delayed the sky, it is logical that sound will be appropriate, a sad melody. But if the sun's rays flooded the room, the quiet music is simply not appropriate. It is therefore not recommended to listen to sad music when you are going through difficult times, otherwise, so you can drive yourself into a terrible depression, from which it is not very easy to get of. If you are interested in, what kind of music calms - it is definitely not perky, fast tunes. It would be the best classical or symphonic orchestra.

How does music affect mood and emotion

Mood is a permanent, continuous emotional state. Mood determines our actions and behavior.  The specific thing or action can not affect globally on mood, forming mood factor is the life situation as a whole. Modern psychology identifies such factors of mood swings:

  • Developments. They may depend on the human or formed independently.
  • The words spoken by the person and said to the person.
  • The scope of man's inner world: what a person thinks, how he relates to certain actions of other people and events in the world.
  • Actions. That is what people are willing to spend their efforts.

Bad mood leads to the fact that the events in the life of a person perceives in dark tones, through negativity. People turn to the favorite music when they have bad mood. It should be noted that the impact of each genre is individually and depends largely on the personal perception. The psychological impact is provided by: the rhythm of the music; a variety of tonalities; volume; frequency; additional effects.


Different types of music affect mood

Classical music affect mood, giving vitality and resistance. It reduces anxiety, depression, irritability. It promotes the assimilation of knowledge. Bach and his "Italian Concerto" reduces negative feelings of anger and resentment. Tchaikovsky and Beethoven wrote masterpieces that contribute to healthy sleep, reduces irritability. Mozart and his works help to fight irritability and headache.

Rock, Metal
Heavy music enhances the emotion - negative and positive. Rock energizing, but it violates the internal balance, distorting rhythms. Investigations of the influence of rock on the human psychic sphere has shown that the rhythm and monotony of most of the works have a negative impact. This is particularly evident in the age group of 11-15 years.

How does pop music affect mood
Scientists have proved that pop music have a negative impact at attention and memory due to the rhythm of monotony.

How does rap music affect mood
Rap, according to research, causes a feeling of aggression. The monotony of rap can cause irritation, anger and reducing the overall emotional tone.

Jazz, blues, reggae
Blues has beneficial effects on emotions, soothes and reduces irritation. Jazz violates the internal harmony. Jazz music is considered, which has a more negative impact. Reggae music is considered a music of good mood, increases the emotional tone, does not cause aggression and anger.

Dance (club) music, electronic
The modern club and electronic music reduces the ability to learn, have a negative effect on intelligence. In some cases it increases irritability and tension. Music in the "soul" genre reminiscent of the feelings, often is depressing. Folk music, folk - increases the overall emotional tone, improves mood.

The sound of dozens of musical instruments which are intertwined together create an unmatched tone. This music will move your problems into the background, and you will only enjoy a pleasant and unique sound, even against your will. Therefore, if you do not know what kind of music calms down, then make your selection in the direction of classical or just relaxing music, and you're guaranteed to find your own peace, comfort and serenity.

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