Eva Alordiah: What made her start a rap career?

Elohor Eva Alordiah is a well known Nigerian rapper-singer, beloved by many Nigerian people. She is also a talented fashion designer, a prominent entertainer, a makeup artist and in generally a very creative personality. Find out interesting facts about Eva Alordiah's biography and how she started her music career.

Eva Alordiah

Childhood of a future singer.

Eva is from Nigerian Delta State 13 August 1989. Her love to music starts from her childhood. Eva is very thankful to her mom that she made her little daughter like music. Eva's mother gave her a lot of different recordings, which were popular in 70's and 80's years in Nigeria. In such a way future famous singer got acquaintance with many famous musicians such as John Lennon, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, The Carpenters, Don Williams and Sade Adu. Little Eva liked all these songs and couldn't even imagine she will someday become same famous. Since her childhood, Alordiah liked different types of art: she was found of painting and wanted to read a lot. When Eva was seven years old, her mother took her to a local church’s choir, where she studied to sing. In secondary school, Eva Alordiah visited drama class and liked to play diverse roles. When she was ten years old, Eva wrote novels in her notebook and thought, maybe she could become an author. Many years later she will use all these bits of knowledge while her music career.

What inspires Eva Alordiah?

Eva was a teenager when Eminem's single "Cleanin' Out My Closet" got super popular. Alordiah says this song became a real inspiration for her and made her start to think of a professional career of a rap-singer. That was the first time she used her love to read and to write and she wrote rap verses. Eva adores rhymes and playing with words. All these took her into the Hip-hop Industry.

First business and earning money

When Eva was 16 years old, she started to make her first money. Eva visited daily many auditions and interviews, she tried herself in a role of a photography model and an actress. The young girl didn’t miss any chance to change her life to the best and to improve herself and her career. Eva Alordiah understood how important is an education that is why she got a degree in Computer Science from Bowen University. Thanks to her strong character, patience, and love to work hard young Eva reached first results in her career.

Eva Alordiah2

Musical Career of Eva Alordiah, her songs and album

The world saw her first single of Eva Alordiah in 2009. It was "I Dey Play" - the first song professionally recorded in a studio. In this song you can see Tha Suspect and it has been registered over Lil Wayne's "A Milli" music.

First TV debut

Eva appeared in the music video "Make 'em Say" by Rcube of Strbuttah. It is a single from one of Strbuttah's mixtapes, which was released in January 2011. In this music video Eva Alordiah had her first TV opening. Another song where you can enjoy Eva is the female version of Tha Suspect's song "I No Send You"She, released in March 2011. Eva worked as an outstanding artist on her debut EP, The GIGO E.P

"Garbage Out" and cooperation

In November 2011 appeared her creation an acronym for Garbage in Garbage Out. There were nine songs ("Garbage Out (Your Fada)”, "I Done Did It","Down Low", "High" and other).  And people can download it worldwide for free. Eva was very proud of cooperation with famous producers such as Tintin, Gray Jon'z and Sossick. Eva had many interviews for MTV and other musical channels.


In 2012 appeared her second single "High". The musical part of this song was made by Mex and people can watch it again for free on YouTube and later on MTV Base. Many fans of Eva thought this single was about drugs. Alordiah said this lyrics is about life’s problems and how to solve them and stay strong.

A big deal and a lull.

In 2012 Eva became the artist of a record Da Trybe 2.0, which belongs to a famous artist and producer and eLDee. However, in 2013 Eva went to Trybe Records. It happened because her plans were not similar to the record’s ideas. In 2012 Eva Alordiah made a pause and worked on her songs.


In 2013  Eva cooperated with the aforementioned producer Sossick, to release "Mercy". He produced and co-wrote this single, which was available for free downloads on her website. In 2013 she appeared in a video for "Mercy" by a producer Drox from England. Together they made a few remixes of the song, for example, a "Summer Mix" and a "Jackin Storm" mix.

"Lights Out"

In 2013 Eva became a resident of Radioactiiv. In 2013 Alordiah made her single "Lights Out", which was made very special and different, to show otherwise sides of her musical talent. Patrick Elis and Jon'z made this song.

Eva Alordiah3

Eva Alordiah's first album and "Deaf"

In 2012 she started to work on her debut studio album together with Tintin and Gray Jon'z. In 2014 appeared single her "Deaf" as the main song of the album. 

Different sides of Eva

Eva made a rap tournament for girls to promote her single. Eva adores to co-direct her video clips, which shows how creative she is.

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In 2014 Eva appeared in the Lagos BBC Radio 1xtra's Live Lounge together with Iyanya, Wizkid, 2face, Idibia. She had to make a freestyle theme song for the third season of MTV Base's Shuga together with many other artists such as Yung L, Endia, Burna Boy and Sarkodie. In March she made her version of "Shuga".

Guinness Nigeria's

In 2014 Eva Alordiah became an ambassador of Guinness Nigeria's Made of Black campaign. The first of Eva Alordiah’s album appeared in cooperation with Tintin and a singer Sir Dauda, Darey Art Alade, Olamide, Yemi Alade, Sarkodie and Femi Kuti.

Because of a clear vision of her goals, a sense of purpose and belief in yourself no matter what happens, Eva Alordiah became one of the most famous Nigerian rap singers. This beautiful, strong girl proves how it is important is to dream and to believe in their success. Every person should try to achieve their goals and to become the best version of themselves. She is an example of the fact that a lot of hard work and a belief can make miracles.

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