How Can I Get Into The Rap Game?

I really love to rap, maybe freestyling and writing my own raps. I'm kinda good in song composure and song techniques but i'll actually perfect some lines of rap and its then hard for me to complete it because i felt i just use d my best choices of words at the begginning. So i really wanna know how i can perfect my rap and learn the art.

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Gettin Into D Rap Game:

1. Register your record label (people will take you more seriously),

    and its commits you to your cause (u've invested money)


2. Be your number 1 fan i.e. 'feel' yourself, (like kanye), be confident,

    Look at yourself in the mirror and drop them lyrics without breakin'

    eye contact

3. Be original, people get bored eaisly so they want to hear sumthin

    new, don't 'bite' anyone's style, rather, create yours!!

4. Get a very catchy instrumental (beat) and write your 1st single trak

    should be a club banger/ party track/ controversial track (beef), with a

    very simple/catchy chorus (hook).

    After you have practiced your lyrics to near perfection book a studio

    session and lace the track. Master the trak (for professional sound

    quality) in the studio. Keep all financial records of the 1st single,

    (studio session receipts etc.). Get a lawyer to copyright the track or

    simply write down (type) the lyrics and e-mail it to yourself (free

    copyright). Dont delete e-mail!!! Make as many copies as possible

    then bury d master copy. 1st single ready!!

5. Publicity:

    -Open a Myspace.com, hi5, facebook etc. profile, put a very attractive

     and unique picture (album cover material, get one of your nice

     pictures modified by a good graphic artist)


    -Upload your 1st single to your profile and to youtube.com

    -Attach the links to these pages to your e-mail and nairaland signatures


    -Try to get a slot for a radio interview with a rap program presenter


    -Try to get a slot for a tv interivew


    -Print attractive stickers, fliers (hand bills) and posters (graphic artist)

     promoting yourself and your single (announce your upcoming album)


    -Make friends with dee-jays in popular clubs & bars and get them to play

     your trak like twice or three times every club night (spreadin the word)


    -Most important, make friends (and bribe) radio presenters to play your

      trak ALL THE TIME!!!

6.  Marketing Strategy:

     -Make about 500 copies of your cd in jewel cases with the attractive cover

      (graphic artist)

     -Get a car with a good and loud sound system, place posters of your single

     on it and park at strategic locations (basket ball courts, shoppin malls, parks

     campus parking lots etc) and try to get people to listen to and buy your cd's


     -Package the cds in a customized display box and convice major supermarkets

      to display and sell them (commission basis and you can place their names on

      the cds as 'sponsors'). don't forget to hand out fliers, place stickers on doors,

      cars etc

7. Promotion:

    Get slots to perform in shows, talent contests etc. (might have to do it free

    initially, its publicity!!!) 

8. Accounting:

    500 cds x 150 = N 75,000

    enough to recover initial and other expenses. Sell as many cds as possible.


9. Make a video for your single (More publicity)

10. Complete your album.

Result: You might get signed to a record label or you might be independent but still make some profit (and

fame) 'pushing' your albums by yourself.

The sky's the limit.


ii dawg - U gotta 2 b born wit it

Learning how to rap only makes it worse -

But u must knw how to play with words and be creative


@ menike

I mean how to learn the art of rap.


sup Jerrymania

Nigga wat u gotta do is get ya self involved with a good DJ that will be willing to play ya poo in clubs

and that way the peeps knw ya songs n' punchlines - That way ya sh**t will be on demand .


If u cud find ya way to radio stations, n' plead on em' to hear ya demos

If they like it they cud also give u the hype you need for a very good album.

I wud have helped u if u stayed up here in Queens or New York but I'mm already tied up with upcoming albums.

Cheers pal


Make your lyrics like a reverse echo that is keep steady at the first verse then get kicking at the second, it may function for your lyrical composition

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