How did African music influence jazz?

Jazz is a kind of music which consists of a mix of European and African musical cultures, which originated as independent type of music thanks Columbus who’s discovered America for the Europeans. African culture that was consisted of black slaves transported from the Western coast of Africa to America gave jazz improvisation, plasticity and rhythm.

There are many debates about birthplace of Jazz.

Where did this kind of music appear for the first time?

Some historians think that this musical direction was born in the North of the USA, where Protestant missionaries reversed Negroes in the Christian faith, and then they created a special type of spiritual songs "spirituals", which differed in emotionality and improvisation.

Others believe that jazz appeared in the south of United States, where Afro-American musical folklore saved his identity.

In the end of the 19th century had appeared songs, and these songs were about hurt. They were called Blues. These songs are telling us about destitution, about dashed hopes. Blues singers usually accompanied themselves with handmade musical instruments. Later they were able to buy their own real guitar.

Negroes loved to play in orchestras, but they had to make musical instrument themselves. After the end of the Civil war 1861 — 1865 in the United States were dissolved brass bands and military units. Their musical instruments which they left after were sold to the shops.

From there the Negroes finally were able to get their real musical instruments. Everywhere began to appear Negro brass bands. Coal miners, masons, carpenters, hawkers were meeting at their free time and were playing for their own pleasure. They played for any occasion: at festivals, weddings, picnics, funerals. Black musicians played marches and dances. They tried to imitate spirituals and the Blues - their national vocal music. On their trumpets, clarinets, trombones they tried to reproduce singing and rhythmic freedom. They played by their hearing, because all of musical schools were closed to them.

The main features of jazz are improvisation and freedom of rhythm. The musicians of the jazz should be able to improvise either collectively or solo in the background accompaniment. From the time when jazz appeared in the Southern American city of New Orleans it had a long way. Firstly it spread to America and then throughout the world. Jazz stopped to exist as art of „black people”, and than in jazz came white musicians. There are some names of most popular masters of jazz: Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Those Goodman, Glen Miller Ella Fitzgerald and Bessie Smith.

In a consequence jazz influenced on the Symphony and Opera.

Today Jazz is one of the most famous kinds of music. Many people love Jazz, and play compositions with great satisfaction and pleasure.

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